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Want your child to do well at school? Here are some tips...

Then support your child and the school!

1. Sending your child to school in Miss Sexy tight trousers is NOT appropriate. There is a school uniform that needs to be adhered to. 356 more words


Parents' evening

Parents’ evening was a pain when I was at school: my parents would come out generally pleased, but always, it seemed, with a caveat: Could do better. 320 more words


Year 10 Parents’ Consultation Evening - Thurs 29th Jan 4.30 - 7.30

The Parents’ Consultation Evening for Year 10 students is coming up and online bookings are now open until Friday. I hope this proves to be a useful opportunity for you to discuss your daughter’s progress with each of her teachers. 42 more words


Making their presence known...

Making their presence known, before they approach. As their dark shadows loom towards you, your blood runs cold. You know exactly why they have come, and why they keep coming every year. 379 more words

How to Survive Parents' Evening

Parents’ evening is a rite of passage all teachers have to go through, from your very first ‘Ooh you look too young to be a teacher’ comment (sigh – I miss those days – I even used to get ID’d in supermarkets, now the cashier takes one look at me and flinches), to the time when you’re recognised by ex-students bringing… 898 more words