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Guilty Secrets....

I’ve had a busy week this week and with parents evenings and birthday parties thrown into the mix I’m afraid my writing has suffered quite a bit and so far my suit case is still in the loft! 132 more words

36 week old twins

Is there a stage were nearly 9 month old twins don’t want to sleep at all ??
Apparently its common? Really I don’t see anyone else walking around like a zombie!? 277 more words


Here we go...

Well after years of reading other peoples blogs, I’m finally here writing my own. Whether 6:40am is the best time to be doing this time will tell. 205 more words


Parent's Evening From My Point of View

Usually, when I attend parents evenings. Teacher’s either say a load of good things about you but say you ‘don’t put your hand up enough in class’, the basics. 185 more words


Chocolate & Nut Cookies

Now this is the thing.  I know that we are a small global community, which, with the help of NASA and other crazy groups of people, is getting smaller every day.   338 more words

Tuesday 07.10.14

Woke up to another wet morning so that unfortunately that stopped me from doing anything nice before work, had a busy day in work and the day went quick, as usual the weather brightened up as the afternoon went on and I drove home in beautiful sunshine and clear sky’s, Had a quick dinner and then went around to the school with Heather it was parents evening and what a great report she got off her teacher, spent the rest of the evening watching TV and when Lynne came home from work went and read my book in bed

Every Day Stuff

Battle lines


Battle lines between older son and parents exist on these territories: food (diversity thereof), tidying room, doing homework, getting things ready for the next day, use of digital devices, putting dirty clothes in washing basket, general courtesy in conversation with family. 261 more words