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Rules of Endangerment

Bullying or right of passage? Two upperclassmen tying an underclassman to the bench in the locker room?
Bullying in the locker room has come to the news lately from colleges to high schools and middle schools. 517 more words


11th Day of Christmas . . . for Parents

Here’s a link to help you celebrate a Right of Passage Experience with your 8th grader.  (7th grade was yesterday)

Check it out here. 56 more words


6th Day of Christmas . . . for Parents

Check it out here.

Merry Christmas!


All of these resources are available because of our partnership with ParentMinistry.net. These are for families connected with the  28 more words


Higher Education & Challenges of the Digital Age

We live in the 21st century and technology has become increasingly important in all aspects of our lives, including education. Children are accustomed to interactive whiteboards and the use of iPads for their ICT lessons from a very young age. 63 more words


So Talented Already

Dear Baby Parker

I love how musically inclined you are already. You’re always moving your chubby little booty to the beat and it is literally the cutest thing I have EVER seen!! 16 more words


Gen X-ers. How did we do it??

I saw this picture this morning and 2 things came to mind:

1) Wow I’m really getting fucking old!
2) Those were the days :-)


Christmas Miracle with a Beard

Twenty-two years ago a newborn baby, born way too soon, was abandoned in the hospital.  A local adoption agency called us to see if we would be willing to adopt him. 718 more words