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The Case of the Rolling Potatoes

To say my mum likes potatoes is an understatement. It’s become a weekly procedure for her to buy several kilograms, so there’s always a rather large abundance of potatoes in the corner of our kitchen. 192 more words


Mr Boy

stands by our bed
and proclaims like only
a child can,
‘I’m hungry.’
From our sleep, his voice
pulls us
into his world;
his world where… 19 more words

Autism Awareness Day #21

Behaviour management is possibly the trickiest issue for most parents and teachers. Behaviour management is even more complicated when you are parenting or teaching a child on the Autism Spectrum. 1,029 more words


First off, star signs are complete bull. I’ve never seen such crass vague attempts of predicting the future do so well and make so much money. 308 more words


I get why parents get so frustrated with their teenage children now. I am a teenager myself, but in all my years I did not realize something I should not have overlooked… Parents can act (and think) like teenagers too. 269 more words

Easter Morning

At this time of day

This Easter morning at sunrise

Cool crisp April sky water colored red and gray and blue

Oh so much blue… 45 more words

The Bib-kerchief is back

Having taken a short break from making and selling The Bib-kerchief, it is now back in full swing! A glimpse of sun and warmer weather always helps. 80 more words