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Live your live.

“Every child is born innocent.
Situations and surroundings make them king or slave.”

Boats, row in the stream-
With your life inside.
No destination, nor a theme-

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"fake it 'til you make it"

I have never felt so much love and hatred as I did for 8th graders.

I taught two sections of a combined 7th/8th grade North Carolina history class my first year of teaching. 565 more words

Common Core Stealing American History & Science

Deceit once again falls upon those behind the implementation of everything related to the Common Core Standards. Most recently released information about the new SAT test rules and the AP History and Science classes to be taught have some of this country’s highest ranking professors hair standing on end. 3,086 more words


New Galleries Up on Shutterfly

Be sure to browse the new Shutterfly galleries.

They include a lot of waterfront scenes, including shots of students in action during our annual intramural Water Carnivals on Wednesday afternoon.   33 more words


14 March 1582 - Faustina

Daughter of Giovanni de Bolis, from Bergamo, a wood dealer behind the Pantheon, and Virgilia. Married Iosepho de Bianchi, from Narni, a wood dealer behind the Pantheon… 21 more words


Mount Major Afternoon Hike

A couple times weekly, groups of Wolfeboro students load-up and head to the south side of Lake Winnpesaukee to spend the afternoon hiking Mount Major. 93 more words


25 January 1582 - Adriana

Daughter of Bartolomeo de Funariis, a tunic maker, deceased, and Catherina, from Siena. Married Domenico, from Siena, who make sieves in Piazza Catinari. Received a 50 scudi dowry. 14 more words