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Guidelines for Children

Information taken from DTP site to spread awareness.

The advice given below on crossing the road is especially for children. Children should be taught and should not be allowed on the road alone until they can understand and follow it properly. 980 more words

Road Safety

Difference between school and college life

  Difference between school & college life

we all have been to school.The place where you had your friends waiting for you. Classes you have to attend. 709 more words


First quilt made

So, I’m new to the world of sewing. At school I hated anything that involved a needle and thread, which in turn made me shun anything made by the own hands. 118 more words



getting soaking wet in the rain and then come home and take a nice long shower and drink a cup of hot chocolate to warm up… 71 more words

Great Party

Joy and Beth prepared for Will’s birthday gathering for what seemed like weeks. They commissioned a special birthday cake for the guests and one for Will himself. 219 more words

Personal Stories

段子手 [duàn zi shǒu]

段子手 n. Internet joke or quip writer.

Friends say, Han Han, you’ve been more and more like an Internet joke writer. I said, what do you mean by “like”? 151 more words


Family Time

Some people may think it is silly to even think of having family time in this day and age. It really is not that silly. 623 more words