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Above grade level in just 18 months

Emails like this make all of my hard work worthwhile. http://brightsolutionsdyslexia.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/abovegradelevel.mp3

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for developing the Barton System.

My children are homeschooled.

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Day 0465

I don’t know if it’s impressive or disappointing or both that Halfman-related anger can still creep into my thoughts and my skin when I don’t expect it. 277 more words

The Wheels on the Bus Go Squish

I’ve already said that co-parenting sucks.

Under the best circumstances, you have two people who respect each other and help each other parent their wonderful, well-adjusted child. 2,043 more words

Mamas get hurt and nervous when somebody don’t like they children.

I wish I had written that. It’s from Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, but it has stuck with me ever since I read it many years ago when my child was but a toddler, and every single time a “situation” arises, I think of that sentence and, well, the thoughts that follow are pretty brutish. 208 more words


Week forty-eight: stand up and read, sit down and float

I kind of can’t believe I have 48 of these things. At the same time, it really feels like this is the 48th.  All I want to do is list the two new things I did this past week, upload a photo and call it a day. 301 more words

AV’s Say What: Should Children Have A Say On Who Their Parents Date? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

When you have kids, dating can be a little tricky. Do you think they should have a say on who you date? Listen to the audio player to hear what our listeners think in this edition of  111 more words

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