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I have a lot of admiration for Kurt Coleman, Australia’s Paris Hilton…

Low and behold, the mainstream media has displayed its hard hitting journalism skills be once again posting screen shots of someone’s Facebook status’s and inserting a few quotes and calling it a story. 993 more words

Celebrities That Vape

As vaping is slowly starting to creep into the mainstream, there are a number of celebrities who have picked up the habit of vaping. Probably the earliest celebrity endorsement of e-cigarettes (I hate that word) was Katherine Heigl’s appearance on the David Letterman show, puffing away and even letting good ol’ Dave take a puff. 234 more words


Coachella Styles

As much as we enjoy stalking American celebrities, Coachella is one event that never seems to escape our instagram and social media feeds, without much effort on our part. 307 more words

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Style Stalker: Coachella Weekend 2

I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t do this post, especially because of the overwhelming success of Weekend 1′s photo montage. I’ll never really understand why Weekend 2 is typically labeled as the “less-cool sister,” but my previously stated distaste for festivals gives me no credibility to comment on that. 138 more words

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