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[Kdrama] ‘The Greatest Wedding’ episode 5-10 ~ review/impression/opinion ~

The writer of ‘The Greatest Marriage’ and Park Shi Yeon are a great team when it comes to portraying the angst that single mothers go through as they try to protect their children. 948 more words


The Greatest Marriage ep 10 ~ review

-contains spoilers-

I was expecting episode 10 like crazy , since the 9th one left us on a turning point for the plot.So we cath up from Gi young giving birth to a healthy boy and Myung Yi’s miscarriage.The episode start with Eun Cha , being by Gi Young’s side when the reporters show up, he puts on a hypocritic performance as always , declaring he is gonna be the child’s father and protect him.Well predictable from Eun Cha who changes his mind , to whatever serves him the best.I’ve really enjoyed Baw Soo Bin’s performance till now , I mean if you think about Eun Chas , he hasn’t shown any good characteristics , everything he does is for his own good and he is really selfish.Despite that , due to Soo Bin’s performance you can’t come to hate this character.I wonder when , something is gonna develop between Gi Young and Eun Cha , if that ever happens. 1,086 more words



Author : Park Hyunka (24 th)


Cast : Kim Myungsoo (Infinite), Park Jiyeon (T-ara).

Other Cast : Eiji Wentz (Actor Japan), Park Si Yeon (Actris), Lee Donghae (Suju) 4,181 more words

The Greatest Marriage: So much craziness

I am enjoying this drama and all its quirky characters!


Cha Ki Young, a successful anchorwoman, is enjoying a peaceful life until she starts a relationship with culinary reporter Park Tae Yeon. 1,002 more words


[Kdrama] ‘The Greatest Wedding’ episode 3&4 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

“The Greatest Wedding” sure is an enjoyable drama, despise the fact that the two male characters are begging to be punched.

I’ve read a lot of comments on different sites about Bae So Bin’s acting in this drama and it seems that people weren’t satisfied with his overacting as Eun Cha, however did no one think that this is how the director told him to play the character or that the writer wished for So Bin to be over the top when acting as the misogynist Jo Eun Cha. 671 more words


[K-DRAMA] Innocent Man / Nice Guy (2012)

warning: may contain spoilers

Innocent Man / Nice Guy is a melodrama that involves romance, betrayal and revenge. Does a nice guy like Kang Maru truly exists in this world? 1,572 more words

Korean Drama

[Kdrama] ‘The Greatest Wedding’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/opinion~

This drama is definitely something new in terms of plot line, after all the main lead girl got pregnant from the first episode with the second lead – and this for sure is new. 723 more words