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Ice Bucket Challenge spawns new charity craze

In the wake of the social media flood whipped up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, one Harrisburg, Philadelphia, man is hoping to capitalize on the hype. 156 more words

Rare People

Pomegranate Compound Could Delay Alzheimer's, Study Says

There’s a chemical compound in pomegranate fruits called punicalagin, which researchers at University of Huddersfield, an institution known for food science, believe could help slow the progression of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s by treating inflammation in the brain. 240 more words

Advocate, Educate & Inspire

It was last week when it came to my attention that Finding Freedom with Epilepsy has been active for six months.

Upon reflection, I can’t believe how much I’ve packed in!  804 more words

A life well lived: 3 ways my Dad was my role model for healthy, positive living

This will be a different post than the norm.  I typically write about ways to love our body, practice mindful eating, and work on self-care.  This time, I want to pay a special tribute to my Dad, who was a wonderful example of loving life and thriving, even during the midst of trying times. 1,136 more words



What do you do when your body is always in pain?
What can you do?
But! try to cope, over and over again
When the tablets I take, aren’t taking my pain away… 332 more words

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Ferguson - A Symbiotic Relationship

As I care for my mother, I reread the lessons at the back of Lori’s Lessons because they inspire me. It struck me that Lesson Number Nine for Caregiving applies to the racial protests taking place near me in Ferguson today. 634 more words


Would you want to know if you had Alzheimers?

Three out of four people would want to know what kind of neurological disorder they had even if there was no cure, according to new global research from GE Healthcare. 894 more words