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Bhutan and its political parties

Written by Enrico D’Ambrogio

Bhutan, a long-isolated South Asian monarchy, is mostly known internationally for the concept of ‘gross national happiness’. Since 2008 it has been undergoing a king-driven transition to democracy. 1,260 more words


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An interesting overview of Bhutan's six-year-old democracy, its second-ever parliamentary elections, and its party system.

In Moldova, an election that solves nothing

The results of a general election on 30 November show Moldovans are split on whether to pursue closer ties with the European Union or maintain existing relations with the Russian Federation, complicating the crafting of a sustainable national identity across ideological lines. 942 more words

Russian Federation

"Continuing USP unaccountability on staffing" (Letter to Editor Fiji Times and Fiji Sun, MIDA Chairman, sent 30 Nov. 2014)

“Continuing lack of USP accountability”  Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Ashwin Raj) (sent 30 November 2014)
(revised Fiji time,  10.30 pm 30 Nov 2014: in red) 693 more words

A0 2014

Six Months Of Vacuum

It’s already been six months since Michel Sleiman left office. And this month has been the most active one so far: The parliament approved its 2 years and seven months extension, the Future Movement hinted at the possibility of a presidential breakthrough, Aoun responded with an innovative counter-attack, and most importantly, there are renewed talks about the electoral law. 1,258 more words


On Independence And Constitutions

Independent Lebanon is 71 years old today. But then again, if you think of it, we’re barely 7 years old: During the first two years we were still technically under the occupation of the French army. 1,680 more words


Ukraine's Ensconced Corruption

Since taking the helm back on February 22, after Yanukovych fled Kyiv, the government that has been headed by PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk and interim President (and Rada Speaker) Oleksandr Turchnyov have had an overwhelming number of issues to deal with. 1,247 more words


David Marples

After almost six months in power, Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko appears to have strenghtened his position following the victory of pro-Western parties in the October 25 parliamentary elections. 1,756 more words

Eastern Ukraine