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Rules of Oder for Asynchonous Meeting Under the Jive Platform

I recently started a new non-profit organization on a business social network internal to my workplace. The platform is called JIVE and can be experienced here: … 924 more words

Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary Procedure at NY Urban League Young Professionals

If you did not attend the September 2014 General Body Meeting, you missed out! There are definitely a lot of positive changes on the horizon. 460 more words


Debate and decision making

Debate, rightly understood, is an essential element in the making of rational decisions of consequence by intelligent people. (RONR-10th ed, p.373 ll.10-12)

Such an essential part of decision making that it span about 5 pages of Robert’s Rules.

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Parliamentary Procedure

Robert's Rules of Order

Okay.  Do you

suppose there

are enough people

here to make a


I think I already

knows the




we can’t

vote. 161 more words

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