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In Defense of the Simple Majority:

Why Consensus Decision Making is Delusional Claptrap
By CD Madson

 “There will always be individuals eager and willing to engage in conflict to get their way, and this fact alone constitutes a universally fatal coup de grâce against the consensus model.” – CD Madson… 1,210 more words
Robert's Rules Of Order

A complete guide to the Fair Elections Act

Two months ago today the federal Conservatives introduced their changes to the Elections Act, which they called, apparently without any irony whatsoever, the Fair Elections Act… 2,358 more words


Input Wanted - on Petition Supporting the Reform Act

I am proposing to sent up a petition to support Michael Chong, in his attempt to get the Reform Act made into law. The Reform act is intended to make… 433 more words

Canadian Politics

Where Did Robert's Rules of Order Come From?

Okay, without going into too much detail that I’m not at liberty to discuss, I learned more about the minutiae of Robert’s Rules of Order last week than I ever wanted to know in a lifetime! 679 more words

Merry Farmer