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Weird Al Yankovic Gives Recap of 76ers Season - Mistaken for Parody Song

Of all the people to give a recap of the 2013-2014 (who are we kidding, they stopped playing in 2014), musical funny-man (in 1995; the funny part, he’s still a man), Weird Al Yankovic provided some national commentary on how the past season went for the 76ers. 133 more words


Weird Al Yankovic Mandatory Fun review

Weird Al’s 14th studio album, Mandatory Fun which had some awesome build up and promo videos has been released today and it’s awesome and really does live up to the hype around it. 138 more words


The Taliban Song

Going through my news feed I discovered a masterpiece of something.A Taliban Version of Bohemian Rhapsody.And although I love Queen,I still gotta post this up.A Taliban’s view,in precise terms. 391 more words

Bohemian Rhapsody

Music to my ears: Right Said Fred remakes song in honor of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad

In March, the British newspaper The Guardian indicated more than 3000 emails of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad had been leaked to them by a “Syrian opposition group”. 282 more words

Spread This Like The Clap

An "I Feel Pretty" Twist

This week’s writing challenge  suggests rewriting lyrics to the tune of a known song.

Do you know the song I Feel Pretty ?*  Try this variation (with a twist ending): 209 more words