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A Parody Survival Guide

First of all, if you didn’t realize it from the beginning, this is NOT a real survival guide by any means but is a parody of survival techniques. 187 more words


Recognition where it's due

Without the help of all those working behind the scenes and several who worked in front of the scenes and those few who dared to work on the sides of the scenes, this blog post would not have been possible. 455 more words

Rule 34 in action: Ryutaro Nonomura's sobbing and ear-cupping immortalised in adult video parody

Rule 34 of the internet states that, if something exists, so too does a porn version of it. Take any subject matter you like: household appliances, hamsters, Yoshi from Nintendo’s… 373 more words


Excerpt: Kung Fu Snow White

When I was teaching drama in Tokyo, I could never find the *perfect* script that I wanted, and had to just rely on “good enough” scripts.  594 more words


See What We See

I’m newly addicted to HOUSE (thank you Netflix for allowing me to indulge this craving at any time, affording me the opportunity to waste countless hours, and deprive myself of precious sleep and productive wakefulness), and I just watched the episode: UGLY. 393 more words



So I have two things to disclose about this novel: first of all, I received an advance reading copy of this novel via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and secondly, I have neither read nor seen… 601 more words


Hematophagy, Pt. 5

I won’t bore you with the details of my escape. The neighbors’ lights went on, but rather than investigate the unmistakeable sound of a gunshot, they chose to huddle in their homes and call the police and hope someone else would take care of it. 232 more words