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Blue Monday: Macaw

Blue Monday: Macaw

We came across this Blue and Gold Macaw, along with a number of other parrots, in a large, shaded square in the centre of Rhodes Old Town. 74 more words


Bird Series

I’ve been browsing through my many photos of animals, mainly taken within zoos and parks, rather than in the wild. Inspired by the bird photos, and the desire to use my new colored pencils, I completed an A3 sized drawing of a bird perched on a branch. 114 more words

New Art Work

Day 286: Bubble Wrap

Being born with feathers all over your body gives you automatic priority placement in any household’s “pecking order.”

It also doesn’t hurt that you possess a very sharp curved beak….typically sharper than anyone else’s in your flock. 139 more words

Shannon Cutts

Quilter's parrot

My sewing machine is acting up.  I guess it’s a good thing that my bird doesn’t talk.



You are at home. No, no. You are not at home – you are at the ocean. You were home but the shushing of the waves and the sun shifting as it walked across your windows made you restless. 966 more words


Bird of the day

As usual, name suggestions are welcome. Real one as well as funny ones. I call him disillusioned parrot for the moment.


A lady went to store to buy a parrot and asked the sale’s man,”What’s so special about the parrot?”
Sale’s man says the parrot can talk so the lady asks the parrot, “How do I look? 160 more words