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The Adventures of Ninja Phil II - Ep 3 - Stop the Parrot

J.T. obviously hasn’t spent enough time around Ninja Phil to avoid making a mistake they teach you to avoid in stealth 101. Suppose being able to be invisible makes you complacent, although the fact she needed to repeat ‘Sneak…sneak’ doesn’t fill you with confidence. 81 more words

Ninja Phil

Do you have a Parrot Bunny?

I have a parrot bunny who loves to sit on my shoulder as if she was a parrot.
Maybe I should get an eye patch and pirate hat.

Revell's latest miniature quadcopter drone claims to be the "world's smallest" yet

Remote controlled drones have become more popular then ever, appearing just about everywhere including South Park and landing innocently on the front lawn of The White House… 281 more words

New Product

Introducing Allan

Introducing my baby, Allan.
He’s a 4 month old Quaker Parrot.
My partner and I are absolutely smitten with our little boy 💖

Knitted animals

Here’s two projects for knitted animals. I love making toys and the knitted wild animals book by Sarah Keen is my favourite so far. The patterns are easy and the end result is lovely. 285 more words