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सुग्गा पकरले बानी एगो बगइचा में,
आ व अ न सखी, तोहके दिखाईं,
बोलेला मिठू कइसन हमरा कहला में.
एके नजर डालनी त अ भूल गइल,
पंख पसारल, की छोड़ के अब आपन,
घर- द्वार बइठल बा हमरा आसरा में.
आवअ न सखी, तोहके दिखाईं, बोलेला
मिठू धुरंधर कइसन हमरा कहला में.



Such a busy week with so many things to do but I am so grateful that my works are better than before. Lack of sleep and tired all the time can be overcome but my mind really needs a refreshment. 248 more words


Intenciones ~ Miércoles Mudo/Wordless Wednesday: Un Loro cerca a la Playa #MM

“Sigo mis instintos superiores y escucho a mi corazón en todo lo que hago”

Louise L. Hay. I Can do it 2012.

¡FELIZ MIERCOLES MUDO! 22 more words

Mamá Holística

July 22nd - parrrrrot - 365x project

and its pirate. Just an ordinary evening in a bar.


The Sergeant Major's Rude Parrot Story

This story shows some examples of management styles

A retired sergeant major inherited a talking parrot from a recently departed relative who had run a busy dockside pub. 293 more words

Bird Diet - July 2014

So after my bout of stupid pet ownership, I decided to do a complete overhaul on how I was caring for my pets. I never wanted another “too little, too late” situation. 315 more words


The Parrot.

The Parrut And Dhv Dog Laedy.

I wvns knoo an eldurly laedy dhat raezd dogz. I baut mie fvrst Pooly—a Hungereun sheepdog—frvm hur. When she had hvr hous bilt on dhv banks uv a manmaed laek, it had flagstoen florz for eezyur kleening bikauz she kept sevurul dogz in dhv hous and wvz sloe to get dhem outsied to taek ker uv dhv nusesutyz. 186 more words