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A Fine Balance- Rohinton Mistry :40/52

Nothing fine or balanced here. Nothing.

This book should have been called Such a Long Journey.  A long uphill journey where every step those four people take upwards, they are dragged two steps down. 642 more words

52 Books In 2014

Jimmy Boy

If you’re living in Mumbai and haven’t tried Parsi food, well that is a food crime! The Gourmet and Gourmand decided to try out Jimmy Boy in their quest to try some Parsi food on a Sunday afternoon since Britannia and Cafe Military were ruled out as options on the Saturday. 523 more words

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Indian women will never be equal as long as these 9 laws remain on the books

In Goa, a Hindu man can remarry if his previous wife does not give birth to any male children till the age of 30. And this law is just the tip of the sanctioned sexism across India. 626 more words

Story of my Life - Chapter I

What It Takes To Be An Agnostic Parsi In Bombay.

Hi, It’s been a while. I’ve mentioned in my “About” post here, as well as on my Facebook profile intro that people can know me better by way of my posts here; but all I’ve given so far, are metaphorical life instances in a way that people can relate the incident in their lives. 2,375 more words