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Cafe Colony Dadar East

Located at the corner of the Hindu Colony road off Tilak Bridge this place is a true general and convenience store that also sells some parsi dishes. 151 more words

The Travelling Parsi

The Travelling Parsi is online. I finally did it!

This is my labour of odd ball laughs, the occasional sneeze and the frequent swearing.  Enjoy this quick, funny read. 162 more words

"Parsis at Play"- Falooda in the City

When the summer air is stifling, and the sun is out in full effect, there are only a few things that can quench thirst like a cool drink of water. 530 more words


Jharkand's Parsi community look to Modi

JAMSHELPUR (JHARKHAND): Largely ignored by political parties as a vote bank, the Parsi community in Jamshedpur has reserved their votes for a candidate who can bring a Central government scheme, that promises to save their community, to Jharkhand. 229 more words





महाराष्ट्र आणि गुजराथ च्या सीमेलगतचं एक छोटंस पण टूमदार असं गाव.

पारशी लोकांचे अत्यंत जुने वाडे आणि प्रार्थनास्थळ ह्याचं अगदी नक्षीदार अशी कलाकुसर केलेलं एक शिल्पच जणू!



Growing up there was a large plaster-of-paris plaque in our living room.

Christ is the Head of this house
The Unseen Guest at every meal…
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India is begging this ethnic group to go forth and multiply—but they aren't amused

An advertising campaign urging India’s shrinking Parsi community to go forth and multiply profusely has raised a small storm even before it hit the mainstream press. 399 more words