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Raspar - Build a html parser in 5 minutes

Raspar is a HTML parsing library that parses HTML pages and converts HTML to ruby object by defining a map of ‘css’ or ‘xpath’ selectors. This gem can also manage parsers for multiple websites. 999 more words


Precision number parsing in spreadsheet using ruby.

This blog post is not about how to parse spreadsheets using ruby. If you are looking for that, you are not gonna find that here. This blog post is about a problem I faced while parsing decimal numbers from a spreadsheet, long story short precision related problems. 438 more words


Humorous Parsing Error

While translating and editing through the Apostolic Fathers General Reader for 1 Clement, I noticed something odd for 1 Clement 56:7. The context for the passage is the fact that God disciplines and instructs those he loves, and then binds up their wounds and heals them. 346 more words


Parsing .doc files and extracting content

A follow on blog post will come in upcoming weeks when i get around to this little project, but to keep ontop of it ill write something about it now. 150 more words


Implementing an Earley parser that handles nullable grammars and draws all unique parse trees in full in Python

In CS262 Lesson 4 you were required to write an Earley parser. It was pretty straightforward, all you had to write were the 3 functions shift, reduction and close aka scan, complete and predict. 3,850 more words


Nightcap - Sept 17

Startups and privacy are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar