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Python pattern for natural language processing

Python pattern is a good alternative to NLTK with its lightweight and extensive features in natural language processing. In addition, it also have the capability to act as a web crawler and able to retrieve information from twitter, facebook etc. 1,320 more words


Hell is other people's data

“Take a look at the TP53 mutation database“, my colleague suggested. “OK then, I will”, I replied.

I present what follows as “a typical day in the life of a bioinformatician”.


Learning About Interpreters


It’s been quite a long time! I’ve been hard at work writing some pretty cool stuff in my most recent of dynamic, imperative languages — Python! 404 more words

Converting a String to a Date in Java (Parsing)

The best way to do this is to use the SimpleDateFormat class in Java (Not the DateFormat class, as this would require a lot more work on your part). 79 more words

Progress Blog

Parsing Dict object from text file (More...)

I have modified the DictParser ,mentioned in previous blog, to handle object parsing. Previous version of DictParser can only handle basic data type, whereas in this version, user can pass a dict of objects for the DictParser to identify and it will replace those variables marked with ‘@’, treating them as objects. 127 more words


Turn data noise into actionable information

Goodbye EXCEL hell and hello probabilistic model!

I have many times worked with customers that have a SKU description that contains a wealth of information. However data that is not cleaned, categorized or standardized is just data noise. 209 more words

Parsing JSON di Phonegap

Untuk membuat aplikasi android lewat Phonegap, kita menggunakan bahasa pemrograman web, contohnya untuk mem-parsing JSON ke dalam aplikasi android dengan menggunakan Ajax.

Pertama-tama kita buat dulu API nya, untuk membuatnya saya contohkan mengambil datanya dari database MySQL kemudian di konversi ke file JSON dengan menggunakan PHP. 1,137 more words