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Computer Science Algorithms are way better than Mathematical Theorems

I see a great deal of beauty in mathematics. There is much beauty in a well-described, step-by-step proof of a theorem.

Lately I have been learning algorithms for parsing and compilers from a pair of marvelous books. 188 more words

Parsing and Centralizing Elasticsearch Logs with Logstash

No, it’s not an endless loop waiting to happen, the plan here is to use Logstash to parse Elasticsearch logs and send them to another Elasticsearch cluster or to a… 1,167 more words


Parsing HTML in C#

Today I stumbled upon a bizarre problem, I wanted to parse an HTML for a site to find out if the site contains any RSS feeds. 159 more words


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Walkthrough - Parsing log or console output with PowerShell

As I go from project to project, inevitably a task like this one is presented to me, simply because people know they could spend hours and hours doing it themselves but know that surely there is a way to do it quickly. 2,076 more words


PDF Parsing. Pure Insanity.

If you’re at all like me and have a profession of processing language and parsing on a daily basis (one of the most boring jobs in the world), then you’ve probably come across this problem. 130 more words


How to get around that pesky JavaScript when you're trying to parse with Python.

(I was wrong and therefor I deleted this page, if you’re looking for the best possible answer please refer to selenium webdriver and install PhantomJS) 76 more words


Natural Language Processing- Parsing (Structuring Data)

If you’re like me, your boss expects you to gather as much data as possible. For the business that I’m in, that means grabbing as much information on inmates as possible. 1,401 more words