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My American Experience: My Reality Part 2

Television:   As a kid we had 3 major TV networks, ABC, NBC and CBS…then there were WOR 9 and WPIX 11 (in NYC).  Most of what I saw was channel after channel of white people having white peoples’s problems (In hindsight). 492 more words


[What is Object Tales?]

Picture this: big plane, seat belt on, excited in mid-air. Handed to me, possibly in a plastic bag, is something for a small kid. 928 more words


May 15, 1997: Part 2

My dad shouted “if you attempt to get help right now, I will make sure you all die!” As he screamed this he lunged towards my mother and grabbed my sick brother and threw him into my sisters arms as the four of us (my sister, 2 younger brothers, and I) stood there in shock. 282 more words

Live With Hope

Fantage Halloween 2014 Part 2 & Daily Attendance #FVHelper

Updates on Daily Attendance below!

This week, there will be some new Halloween Info:

Sadly, there wont be anymore pumpkin smashing, but there will be more fun!

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Part Two, Ex. 2.2, Block Silhouette

Block Silhouette

I chose the Teatime theme.

Experimenting with shapes:

That raised the question, once cut out, does the shape need to stay together?

I am happy with this one. 201 more words


Exercise 2.1 Preparation and research

Pablo Amargo

Spanish 1971-  

I found out about Pablo Amargo when I looked through a book on the course reading list (“Sketchbooks: The Hidden Art of Designers, Illustrators and Creatives” – Brereton, R). 232 more words

Textiles - Preparing For HE