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Game A Week 5 – SpaceShips Go Pew Pew (Part 2)

In part 1 I presented the game and analyzed its development up until the last 6 hours when I hit a wall. In this part I describe the problems I had during these final hours of development and what future plans I have for the game. 666 more words

Game Development

Man-made environment: bridges, barriers and boundaries

This part of the course module is about screen printing. The purpose of this unit is to enable students to explore a number of screen printing techniques. 588 more words

Development Work

October 20, 2011

I finished orientation yesterday. Jim’s out sick, so I’ll probably have a couple days now where I can fly under the radar. If he would just stop SNARKING at me, I feel like I could handle all this. 370 more words

Part 2

Back to The Future Part II: Wild Gunman Scene

Ever since I watched this scene as a kid I’ve wanted Wild Gunman for the NES. There was an arcade conversion made, as you can see in the movie. 53 more words


Spider Diagrams

The spider diagram was a good exercise.

Some of the words were easier to expand on than others, I enjoy going to the seaside in fact i went recently so this was an easy word, Childhood was fairly easy as well, for both of these words i mostly used my own experiences to help me open up the ideas. 267 more words

Part 2