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elements of design # 8 - rhythm and pattern

Produce at least 2 photographs, one should convey rhythm, the other pattern. Remember that that in rhythm there needs to be a sequence in the picture so that the eye will follow a direction and experience an optical beat.

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Trail Review: The Rubicon Trail Part 2 [California]

August 2014, Days 2 & 3.

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Everyone slowly woke to the familiar smell of coffee and the sound of hushed voices.   1,207 more words

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Project 3 – Pets and other animals

Exercise 4: Using source material

The aim of this exercise was to start with a found image and create it into something more personal. For this exercise I have looked for interesting animals in the internet. 140 more words


Week Four Part 2: Sachs on Malawi, Bangladesh & India

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Jeffrey Sachs, author and economist, published “The End of Poverty” in 2005, affirming his belief that extreme poverty can be eliminated on a global level by 2025. 679 more words

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Olivia And Frankie Grace ,Getting comfortable As An Assistant.(PART 2) By @Aerobabe619

Olivia has been working as Frankie Grace’s personal assistant now for four months.Time has flown,Olivia has hardly had a day off,Between promotions of Frankie’s make-up line.And moving Frankie to a more secluded home.She decided on a nice three bedroom cottage,with plenty of room.The land is just covered with flowers and foliage.Vegetables and fruit. 428 more words


Part 2 - The Federalist Papers

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote the Federalist Papers, but when they were published as articles in the New York newspapers to stir public debate they were done so anonymously. 842 more words

Fourth Amendment