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Hyperlinks in D3.js objects, part 2

I’m very new to D3 but I’ve put together a Reingold-Tilford tree based on this example:

I’m trying to add hyperlinks to the each child node that concludes one of the chains – basically, any node that has a whitish circle in front of it. 209 more words

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VIDEO: ECW Exposed (Full Episode) Part 2.

WWE has posted the second part of the “ECW Exposed” special that aired on the WWE Network. Part 1 can be watched in the video on demand section on the WWE Network. Check out part 2 below.

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Imaginative Spaces Exercise 2.7

Notes and Research

Observations have been made on the distorting effect of a wide angle lens in earlier exercises, in particular how they can exagerate relative size when very close to the subject.  288 more words


Turning the Corner...

Today I woke up and the first thing that came to mind was, “I am better today.” This flare up has not been fun. Right now it’s a challenge eating but I know how I got to this point.   41 more words

Picking Megan Up At The Bus Stop

What I understand by the terms cropping and framing

In his preface to Walker Evans’ American Photographs (1938) Leonard Kirstein makes the distinction between cropping and framing. (In your learning log, note down what you understand by the terms ‘cropping’ and ‘framing’ and then check to see whether you’re right). 555 more words


A Love Story - Part 2

A collaboration, is fun to write especially when you are attempting a genre you are not comfortable with. A Love story is one of my Achilles Heel, and Little did I know when we decided to collaborate a few months back that Vinay and I would end up writing a love story Titled… 180 more words

Fables And Parables

Project 3: Stage 3: Exercise 1: recording colors accurately

The next exercise is in color mixing or better, color exploring through mixing.  It reminds me of a dye vat in that the colors I mix are never consistent.   661 more words