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In this exercise I was asked to produce a set of images using curves to demonstrate the ideas of movement and associations of smoothness, grace and elegance. 266 more words

Part 2


The Task

For this exercise I was asked to produce a set of images to demonstrate the idea that, whilst real diagonals CAN be found, camera angle and perspective can be used to create diagonals in photographs. 352 more words

Part 2

Parchment, Part 2

The cops let me go after an hour of skeptical questioning. The police captain who got stuck with me crossed her arms and stared at me with the most disdainful expression while I told that yes, I really did know just how to throw a fork and hit a moving car more than two yards away from me and send it cartwheeling away from a small child. 682 more words

Part 2

Please Don't Go, Part 2

“My name is Isaac.”

The stag looked to her with its gentle, concerned eyes and waited patiently for her to respond.

“I’m Gwen Roberts.”

Her hand shaking on its spindly wrist, Gwen looked down at it as she pulled away from the stag’s nose and only slowly began to take in the new surroundings. 1,046 more words

Story By Bern

You're On the Earth to Be Peacemakers - Part 2/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

We can envision humanity taking numerous physical and spiritual routes to healing your planet and finding a higher state of consciousness. 1,444 more words

Part 2


This exercise and the following two posts are about ‘points’, that is ‘points’ as elements of design in photography.  For an object to qualify as a point, it needs to be small in the frame and contrast with its surroundings.   317 more words


Reinventing Frank

The first thing I did on reading the course notes about Alec Soth’s The Frank Album was an internet search, where did I know the name from? 569 more words

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