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colour # 1 - control the strength of a colour

Find a strong, definite colour – a painted door for instance – and choose a viewpoint so that the colour fills the viewfinder frame. Find the average exposure setting […] Then take a sequence of pictures; all composed exactly the same, but differently exposed from bright to dark.

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Book: Currently Reading - The Reformed Pastor, by Richard Baxter

This week and until the end of the year we continue reading ‘The Reformed Pastor,’ by Richard Baxter. The portion for the rest of the year is chapter 3 (Application) – section II (The Duty of Personal Catechizing and Instructing the Flock Particularly Recommended), Part 1 to 3. 53 more words

Richard Baxter

Colours into tones in black and white

This exercised tested my knowledge of the new version of Photoshop and how to play with the tones within a photograph. My responses can be found below. 149 more words


Colour Relationships

This exercise helped me understand which colours work well and why.

Searching for areas or places that presented both complimentary colours was tricky however I found the easiest to achieve was the green and red relationship as red is a common colour amongst flowers and leaves tend to be green. 462 more words


Exercise Two - Primary and secondary colours

This exercise encouraged me to look at colours in a slightly different way to how I normally do. I found this very beneficial as rather than photographing the obvious man made colours, I had to go exploring for the natural colours which showed me just how many different varieties of colours are out there. 640 more words


Green Valley Part 3

We arrived at my apartment fairly quickly, it had only took around ten  minutes to get there once we got started. I lead him into the living room, which was the first thing you would see once entering the front door. 315 more words

Short Story

The Right Words Guest Blog Part 3! Luke Loves Books...& An Excerpt!

This is my final post before The Right Words is released in the wee hours of the morning Friday, December 12.  Thank you all for tuning in.   1,383 more words