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Wife of Firaun part 5

Wife of Firaun part 5

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Drums of War - Part #5 - Explanations

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Turgis pulled the door shut to the room of the inn and turned to Keita who was sitting on the edge of a bed that took up most of the room.   1,000 more words


James Bond...Skyfall part 5

James Bond Skyfall p5

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A Novel Idea

From the advice of my tutor, I am now in the process of turning assignment 5 into a young adult novel. This seems a daunting task especially as I hadn’t thought of it as such when I started writing it as a short story.   227 more words

Assignment 5

Part 5: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Aliyn was tapping away at the computer situated on the bridge of the CSV Ardent. The crew, small but efficient, was making the preparations to leave Europa’s orbit and head out of Earth’s solar system and the Local Interstellar Cloud. 913 more words


Nearly There...

Re-draft, re-draft, re-write, edit…


Research - constructing a successful narrative picture essay

In preparation for both the first exercise, ‘A narrative picture essay’,  in Part Five of the course and also for the assignment, I’ve been doing some research about the key considerations for constructing a successful narrative photo essay.   1,093 more words