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Part Five (iii of v): Surgery

the Talk

Missus remembers it all better than I do, and she could tell you about how all it went. The conversation we had with the girls. 863 more words

Part 5

The French Hen

“Newton and Ridley, the brewers best known for their pub, The Rovers Return, are opening
a cafe/wine bar nearer the city centre….This bar is to be called the French Hen and will… 622 more words

Part 5

Assignment 5: Reflection on Part 5 and Drawing 1 as a whole

Here I am at the end of what initially felt like an endless journey. I remember opening the Drawing One workbook for the first time, flicking through and thinking “how on earth am I ever going to manage all this?”. 1,072 more words

Drawing One

Assignment 5, Option 3 - Drawing outdoors

Finally after lots of experimentation I feel I have found a way to work with the texture of gesso that feels appropriate, and adds atmosphere to my drawing. 794 more words

Drawing One

Exercise: Detailed studies

I decided to develop the East Quantoxhead views of the fossil beach because the texture and abstract patterns of the limestone platform appeal to me more than the more conventional landscape… 1,127 more words

Drawing One

Fate/Zero:Act 16 Part 5


– A woman was crying.

Her beautiful countenance became more ragged by the day with sorrow, and wrinkles of dilemma were etched into the ends of her brows; the woman was silently crying. 1,567 more words


Exercise: Your Own Work

In making a gallery it soon became clear that I could divide my favourites into Characters, Mark making and more complete images.

Characters I liked… 325 more words