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A Christmas Wish, Part 5

At certain times I wonder and ponder if actors even respond to fan mail. I used to think: What if I sent a letter to so-and-so? 677 more words


EMMA By Jane Austen - Volume I - Chapter 1 - Part 5

EMMA By Jane Austen

Volume I – Chapter I.

Part 5.

“My dearest papa! You do not think I could mean you, or suppose Mr. Knightley to mean you. 517 more words

Chapter I

Birthday List

“For this exercise you are going to make up a poster list for yourself…Start by collecting all the birthdays of your friends and family. You’ll need their name and… 581 more words

Part 5

Golden Section - examples and thoughts

Find at least six examples by a range of artists and look at how they have used the Golden Section in the composition of their pictures. 387 more words

Drawing One

Research point: The Golden Section

The Golden Section (also known as the Golden Ratio, Golden Mean and the Greek letter Phi) relates to a mathematical theory of composition,  which has been used for centuries as a means of creating balanced, harmonious proportions in paintings, drawings, design and architecture. 406 more words

Drawing One

Listening for part 5

Shostakovich – the Jazz Album

Neither one of the Suites for Jazz Orchestra sound jazzy to me – which I was very pleased about. The ending of some of them (e.g. 1,327 more words

Points of view - East Quantoxhead

East Quantoxhead, what a lovely discovery. A place to visit again and again as there is so much to enjoy. The most wonderful outdoor cafe in the crumbling ruins of an old church, a picture postcard village with duck pond and  farm with ancient barns and a grand church. 888 more words

Drawing One