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Is the decline in the US participation rate a result of secular stagnation?

One question I struggled with in my book was how secular stagnation would manifest itself. Would the unemployment rate stay perniciously high? Or would the symptoms be subtler: a low unemployment rate, for instance, combined with a low participation rate? 473 more words

West Virginia: Where half the population supports the other half

West Virginia is an amazingly diverse state in that each portion is incredibly unique. The geological and cultural differences between the northern part of the state and the southern portion of the state are so vast it’s incredible. 187 more words

Immigration and Employment

David Frum at the Atlantic believes that immigrants really do take jobs from native born Americans, and he states it in the most alarming way possible: 386 more words


12 Dec 2014 (TheAge) - Australia's unemployment rate rises despite record new jobs - hits 6.3 percent, highest in 12 years

(12 Dec 2014, The Age, p8, Mark Mulligan)

‘Australia’s unemployment rate rose slightly, to 6.3 per cent, in November, despite the creation of more than 40,000 jobs during the month. 52 more words

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