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[English] Past tense irregular verbs

Common verbs grouped by my high school professor so I decided to share it with all those who’re having problems with them.


Participial Daze, Part Two: Is Your Body Part Dangling?

In the last post, I asked for your assessment of the following.

Looking through the tear gas, Agent Pi’s eyes could not see the abort button.

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Participial Daze, Part One: Mean While

In my previous post, I asked you to rewrite the following to eliminate dangling participles.

Dragging the thermo-bomb on his leg, it was hard to reach the control panel.

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Those Dang(ling) Participles, Part Two

In the last post we explored dangling participles. Recall that a participle is a verb form that acts like an adjective, and a dangling participle… 571 more words


Those Dang(ling) Participles, Part One

You’re just writing along, trying to meet your deadline. You certainly don’t mean to hurt anyone. But then, without even thinking about it, you’ve done it… … 494 more words