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Having started this post, an idea struck me

The headline of this post is an example of a misplaced modifier (more specifically, this one is a dangling participle). Misplaced modifiers pop up every day, and even though it’s often clear what the writer meant, they cause a little stumble — and occasionally major confusion — for the reader. 500 more words


THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - Song worksheet

I Complete the lyrics using participle forms (Present and Past) of the following verbs:

think x2, see, play x2, build, do, go, hurt, obey, stand, come, stay… 383 more words


Mimic the Masters

J.K. Rowling. Suzanne Collins. John Green. Use the heavy-hitters of YA literature to inspire your students to polish their own prose. After rough drafts of the first large writing assignment of the year are completed, I present a 45-minute lesson where I break down six specific techniques used by skilled writers and share examples from the best-selling novels my students love. 44 more words