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This Moment in Time

Hey, y’all. It is Thursday and I am ready, ready, ready for the weekend.

Now that I am in school, I can actually appreciate what the weekend is! 170 more words


Style Errors That Make Me Say AAARGH!

Some grammar rules, like discouragement about starting sentences with “And”, are so last century. Others, like dangling participles, are invisible to the average person. Even writers aren’t too bothered if they’re used outside of fiction or journalism. 832 more words

Order of Adjectives

Adjectives are words that describe or qualify nouns. That means they tell us more about nouns. For instance, you can have the noun “MAN”, and you can have the following descriptions: 513 more words


Warning Gone Wrong

There are places where unauthorized parking is not so big a deal. Judging by the sign in front of this Biomarkt in Bonn, the consequences for… 299 more words

Learning German:

Having started this post, an idea struck me

The headline of this post is an example of a misplaced modifier (more specifically, this one is a dangling participle). Misplaced modifiers pop up every day, and even though it’s often clear what the writer meant, they cause a little stumble — and occasionally major confusion — for the reader. 500 more words


Old-School Unisex

Ladies are not unwelcome to enter, yet they’d better be on the alert (aufgepasst) should a man be lingering (sich aufhalten) behind the bathroom door.

Learning German:

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - Song worksheet

I Complete the lyrics using participle forms (Present and Past) of the following verbs:

think x2, see, play x2, build, do, go, hurt, obey, stand, come, stay… 383 more words