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Screw you Monday.

Good evening, Kathy. It’s Monday.

On Saturday my cats spilled a litre of cream on my bed. That was an hour of my life I would rather have done something else. 282 more words

Real Life

A Letter to the Boy I Drunkenly Made Out With on Saturday Night

Dear Boy (who shall remain nameless, because even though I know your name–how could I not, after you added your number to my phone and friended me on Facebook–I prefer to think of you as a nameless, faceless Boy so I feel less awkward and guilty about this entire situation), 1,306 more words


Thailand is a country with a high degree of refined exoticism displayed on their beaches, impressive monuments and the joy of his people.

Located in Southeast Asia Thailand has an excellent tropical weather and it is ideal for visiting and have a great time. 97 more words


Karl Ratzsch's Roast Duckling a la Ratzsch

Karl Ratzsch’s is an old world landmark in Milwaukee and has been the epicenter of fine food, ~fine German food, and dining, for more than 100 years. 198 more words


The Best Peanut Butter Pie

Every holiday or family get together there is that one staple that you count on being there. Sometimes the recipe becomes so popular that is becomes requested, and I have found that one item that has become almost a necessity at my family gatherings and holiday parties. 367 more words