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Today's Blessing

It is amazing, how many people noticed my existence here in this city I cannot wait to leave. A post office employee, colleagues from the store, new people at my last session of my Spiritual Wellness group on Wednesday afternoons Рall people I did not expect this sentiment from, but not a peep from the university I worked at for nearly six years. 58 more words

Today's Blessings

Day 29: A Full and Heavy Heart

Dan Allender gave us a beautiful send off yesterday morning, with so much emotion in his voice. He shared how we were all facing death as we left and I started to think about the different deaths — the end of a wonderful and rich six months of study, the ending of four¬†four-day sessions of classes and group time, the knowing that the same group of people will never be in the same place at the same time, and the uncertainty of whether we’ll be able to maintain the closeness with the few to whom we’ve grown so deeply attached. 303 more words

The Part of Life

The Part of Life

I was born by a fusion.
But fated to live by fission.
First, from the womb with an exploding cry. 133 more words


I never got to say goodbye to my father
or grandma
I dodged saying goodbye to the kids I grew up with
Now I worry, wondering if it’s time to say goodbye… 28 more words

from Parting, Section 2 by Tu Mu

How can a deep love seem deep love,
How can it smile, at a farewell feast?
Even the candle, feeling our sadness,
Weeps, as we do, all night long. 7 more words


Dagger in your heart

Author’s Note: So, I woke up this morning and the following was my very first thought. Like something my heart had managed to pen down while still dancing in the sleepy stupor.

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