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September 30.14





The Last Day of Your Visit

for Natallie, Cape Cod, Sunday 9.14.14


Finally a daddy and his golden daughter
get some time apart from the others, 196 more words



One makes coffee in a dirty mug and
another scans cupboards for a blanket,

one strokes silently and one loosens
their grip in gambit or cooperation… 31 more words

Bottled Memories

A sudden glimmer broke into her numb solitude, the stars had disappeared and the sky she had unseeingly stared at all night was now a shade of grey with a pale tinge of blue. 919 more words

GUEST POST // When Time Stopped For You by Kasey Stafford aka BasicAudio

The younger days grew older,
With the hourglass dropping bits of time,
I sit, staring at shared memories left unto me.
These nights grow colder. 146 more words


Think of me

On Monday, I was surprised to find myself singing this song. The last time I heard and sang this song was about a month ago; and because I was unable to remain emotionally stable, I turned it off almost immediately. 269 more words


[Quote of the Day] #1: Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love (George Eliot)

After going through rough times like being left alone after a break-up, being faced with death of a close one, or getting laid off from work, we often hear things like “It is all going to be okay. 137 more words


To the One I Love

Although I do not consider this one of my best writings, it holds significant value to me;

When the doorbell rang to say you’d left us… 96 more words

Thoughts On Life