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If only

If only you had called my name
I might have turned around
I might have wiped away the tears
And smiled a forgiving smile.
You might have kissed me soft… 39 more words


In the End

In the end
She decided
It was worth it
Though it ended
Without words
Or tears
Or a parting glance
She had memories

©Cate Derham



No pain, no sorrow; all is past.
Now, ‘with the Lord’ is hers at last;
To view with joy that lovely Face –
Yes, all because of God’s great grace! 131 more words


Balancing Work and Play at University

When you first arrive at University you pretty much want to party straight away. You meet new friends and become involved in new experiences; which means being away from home for the first time normally results in excessive drinking and partying! 157 more words


John Donne: A Song of Sweetest Love

I have been reading rather a lot of John Donne recently – a surge of reading inspired by (albeit indirectly) the Council of Chalcedon – and whilst in a future post I would like to take a look at Donne’s religious life (particularly the nature of his religious allegiance, which is notoriously ambiguous), today I am going to share one of his secular works. 715 more words


Bitter-sweet vacation

Hello! I am on Cyprus now. I got so tired of work, kids and all kind of worries and decided to give myself a rest. One week on Cyprus, alone. 255 more words


I Hate ...

I hate it when I have been working for a thing day and night and then the one who didn’t even care for it gets it before touching any of the hardship that I faced. 201 more words