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You can go ninety-five years and still beg for more

“It isn’t enough”, she declares, “I want forevermore”.

You can hear her throaty laugh after that… 147 more words





Their washing machine stands in my lounge.

It’s all that’s left of their honeymoon household.

Their home is empty, vacated, untenanted:

Their belongings scattered. Gifted. 81 more words

Dee Jones

So you’re off again, then, are you?
I am surprised, yet not,
To say goodbye, and not,
As we will be here again,
A different place, but here again,
My friend.

lovers spat

light on, black off
light off , black on
rest unrest ..
unrest unrest …

just as -
seconds turned into minutes..
minutes into hours .. 57 more words

Goodbye Princess.

It’s been an exhausting and wonderful few weeks. And now it’s all over. Princess has gone, and I’m feeling empty and sad. I’m all alone here at the Lake today for the first time in forever. 1,447 more words