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Weekly World War I Poems: August 14, 2014

“Now That You Too Must Shortly Go” (Eleanor Farjeon)

Now that you too must shortly go the way
Which in these bloodshot years uncounted men… 245 more words

Is Just Love Enough...???? PART II

Ipsita was waiting to make up for yesterday and decided to meet arun after office. She send a text ,asking arun to meet at a restaurant, they were regular at. 411 more words

2013 Honda Accord Sport: Parting Methods With Our Everyman Sports Activities Sedan by Auto Blog Via

Extended-Phrase Street Test Wrap-Up

Security Automobile: Lapping suburbia in the everyman sports activities sedan.


The Accord is nothing if not well-liked Honda’s bestseller ranked second amid all cars in the U.S. 22 more words

Nooit Is Ons Verlate (Vi' al my mense wat trek): Michael Weeder

Nooit Is Ons Verlate
(Vi’ al my mense wat trek)

Packing, sifting through. Weighing up what to pass, let go.
Reflect. On people and things. The memory… 135 more words

Christian Poetry

The wound

The wound has become so me,

Your words that chiseled on my heart have left the air,

Your face is so well erased from my memory, 54 more words

When I write about you now

When I write about you now,

you will notice the longer pauses–
the em dashes,
the periods
and the commas;
the ellipses,
and the semicolons; 106 more words


I Lose You Everyday

I lose you everyday-
As I awaken to quiet mornings;
As I stare upon the empty lake.
As I utter the last words spoken;
As I reminisce our golden days. 105 more words