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In Parting

Fleeting kisses fluttering

So light on lips intent

To mend the breach

Of words unsaid

We turn aside

To leave behind

Bequeath the other

To discover… 6 more words


Past Tense

You were an admirable role
You were a distant goal
You were the desire of my soul
You were

You reached, I reached
You gave when I beseeched… 102 more words


Poem of Parting by Tu Mu

Great love could seem indifference.
The only hint before the cup: we cannot smile.
Only the candle’s not heartless:
wept tears for us until the dawn.

translated by J.P. Seaton



You’re gone and I don’t care.
The weight I could not bare.
For space it pushed us apart.
For space can not stand this heart.


Wish we could walk back
To where it was us;
Synchronous bands of love
Against the shambolic sepsis of world,
That severed hands that held together… 142 more words

Beyond this land of parting

Beyond this land of parting, losing and leaving,
Far beyond the losses, darkening this,
And far beyond the taking and the bereaving
Lies the summer land of bliss. 92 more words


For my family: just so you know

As I write this, I am on a train from my home town of Tralee to the city of Dublin, en route back to Glasgow, where I live and work. 581 more words