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Sample script to drop interval partitions


The big benefit of using interval partition is automatic partition creation when new records are inserted. But we need purge the history partitions by developing inhouse scripts. 166 more words


ORA-14300: partitioning key maps to a partition outside maximum permitted number of partitions


We created an interval partition table structure only, then try to import the data from exported dump file. It causes ORA-14300 error. The same error occures when insert records from another online backup table: 118 more words


Postgres - Partitioning Tables

Currently we are working on a project which contains a very large Postgres table (Postgres 9.2) with something like 60 million rows. Most queries on this table have become really very slow. 719 more words


Enabling/Disabling Database Options in Enterprise Edition

This is a pure licensing post, but it is really important for DBAs to know how to do it in a correct way, and I hope it will be useful for all of you. 686 more words

Database Options

App makes it easier and faster for surveyors, architects and designers to specify glass thickness

With smartphone and tablet use by construction professionals growing year on year, the Optima Glass Thickness Calculator App continues to make it easier and faster for surveyors, architects and designers to specify glass thickness in partitioning systems. 133 more words

Partitioned views over table partitioning

Today, we’re going to be looking at a kind of poor-mans’s-partitioning, using a view to union records from multiple tables. We’ll also take a look at when you would want this type of solution, some benefits and drawbacks, as well as ways to make things go faster. 1,690 more words


Partition Pruning - a case study .

Partition pruning if achieved can provide very good performance enhancement for sql query .
However sometimes we may think that the pruning happens automatically and will be taken care by Oracle optimizer . 636 more words