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OLTP Compression, Drop Column, Partition Exchange

With Basic Compression, you cannot drop a column.

create table t1
(col1 number
,col2 number)
table T1 created.

alter table t1 drop column col2;

SQL Error: ORA-39726: unsupported add/drop column operation on compressed tables
39726. 594 more words

Leading using CAP

John ‘CAP – the basis of any big data tool. I find many leadership principles in just these 3 characters’

Smith “What?’

John ‘Consistency – An entrepreneur needs to be consistent in thought processes’ 58 more words

Sample script to drop interval partitions


The big benefit of using interval partition is automatic partition creation when new records are inserted. But we need purge the history partitions by developing in-house scripts. 168 more words

Interval Partition

ORA-14300: partitioning key maps to a partition outside maximum permitted number of partitions


We created an interval partition table structure only, then try to import the data from exported dump file. It causesĀ ORA-14300 error. The same error occures when insert records from another online backup table: 118 more words

DBA Practice

Yet another approach to overcome bloom filter bug

Bloom filter may help to dramatically reduce amount of data to be read from partitioned table by eliminating unneeded partitions.
Here is a nice introductory article regarding bloom filters. 851 more words