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Marriage Partner 101

How do you know if they are THE ONE?

Marriage is THE most important decision you will ever make. Other life decisions such as where you will live or what work you will do are changeable but if you are serious about the institution of marriage, then it should be forever. 525 more words

Talking to Your Partner about Your Plans

When it comes to choosing the right birth control, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be left to just one partner in a relationship. Although many men might view the subject of contraception as a foreign matter, it is important that they too are educated and engaged on the options available to them and their partner. 600 more words

Birth Control

Travel partners & solo

As I’m 2 years into being on the road, I’ve never found it difficult nor challenging to find travel partners. I’m lucky to have met the most incredible people from all across the globe. 864 more words

Never felt more alone

I had started to write a blog a few weeks ago called “burned out”. The problem is that I was too burned out to finish it. 1,031 more words

5 tips to staying sane in baby's first year

A baby can bring so much joy to a family but at the same time, the lack of sleep while troubleshooting breastfeeding issues and not deciphering the right cry can all take their toll, both physically and mentally. 724 more words