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My Monday Night (Sort Of A Short Story)

Hello and welcome to my Monday night. It was amazing and now I feel slightly broken. I am energized even though I am exhausted. I want to sleep now that my night is over, but too excited to even think of fully ending the night.  335 more words


He's on the prowl!

Well. DH just bought a new place. The bid was accepted a little less than an hour ago.

MyRichHouse is a bit breathless!

MyRichHouse is wondering what the bank will have to say, when they hear about this for the very first time tomorrow morning. 13 more words

Real Estate

Remember What It Is You Deserve

Sit down with a piece of paper and pencil.

What is it you think you deserve in a #relationship?

Take as much time as you need. 52 more words


Reason #26 Why I Love My Wife: She the Best Work Partner

There are many people out there (men and women) who do enjoy working. I’m not talking about heading off to a job and punching a time clock, though. 305 more words


Discussing Your Sexual Health

When it comes to your sexual health, it might be easier to get the information you need online than to reach out to family and friends. 270 more words

Homie, lover or friend: Which do you want your partner to be?

We all have different needs in a relationship. For some, sharing common interests is a must; others need their partner to always have their back; and for some, being sexually compatible is imperative. 537 more words

When You Meet the Friends

Of course you will always look forward to meeting your partner’s friends because you want to befriend all of them. But doing so will always take a lot of courage from your end. 126 more words

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