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The girl he wants

I want a woman, no, I want a girl, a woman seems too mature. I don’t care how old she is, what color she is, how many crooked teeth she has or how much tension rises in the spring of the weighing machine she steps on. 609 more words


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I tend to not re-blog, but every once in a while something hits me in the gut. This certainly got my attention, because it was so left field, but also got me thinking if I could create the perfect partner, what would they be like? Where do these boys live because it sounds like he may be onto something? Or is he just on something? He can sure talk a good talk, but wonder if he could truly walk his walk? Thank you Blogging Bee for inspiring me on my next write :)

Day 69, 127 Day Challenge - LOVE

I came up with this idea of a 127 day challenge as part of my continued focus on living a truly Soulful Life.  

My plan is to arrive at my 50th birthday in January 2015 being the best human being that I possibly can. 688 more words

F.L.Y: First Love Yourself

“I’m washed, I’m forgiven, I’m whole, and I’m healed. I’m glory bound. I am a sojourner on the earth, I am a pilgrim on this planet, on my way to perfection, and I don’t need anybody to tell me who I am, because I know who I am. 736 more words


Positive Peer Pressure & Partner Poses

One of my favorite times during my yoga practices are when we work on partner poses.  Though this can be a very nerve-wracking time for some, I find the partner poses to be very rewarding.  607 more words


Not a Good Morning

A good dose of Rose is always just how I like to start my mornings…NOT!

I have barely been in her presence and have been insulted numerous times! 114 more words


It's about priorities!

Headed downtown today to sign loan docs on our second place — the first one we’ve both worked on together, fun! I really like the lender — very friendly, very personal — definitely not a cog in a wheel over here. 46 more words

Real Estate

Disclaimer: Cheese Alert

Thank you for being the one that I can count on.

Thank you for never judging me.

Thank you for taking care of me when I’m down, when I’m sick, when I’ve had a bad fight with my mom, and when I am hard to handle. 693 more words