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Free, Full Lives for Children

The last fortnight has been a mix of hope and horror as I’ve been learning more about the work of the friends we’re visiting in Thailand. 1,742 more words


Consumer Goods Suppliers Identify $3 Million in Potential Annual Savings

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Honeywell Report Discovers Hidden Savings Within Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Processes for FMCG Suppliers

As many consumer goods suppliers continue to report growing business challenges, a new report from Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has found that millions of dollars can be saved by evaluating and improving Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations – namely the way that products are ordered, sold, delivered and merchandised. 204 more words


A Customer Centric Approach To Supply Chain: Supply Chain Journey Mapping (SCJM)

Vikram Singla Business Development Director Oracle

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Customers are on a journey. Their experiences on this journey will strongly influence their attitudes; their attitudes will, in turn, help form their behaviors, and their behaviors will ultimately drive outcomes. 1,165 more words


My new partner is not a Saber-toothed Tiger. Why is it so hard to believe that?

In my last post, I described how I once triggered from a simple hat. I also explained that the Simple Brain can’t tell the difference between a hat and a Saber-toothed tiger. 89 more words


Saints and Sinners: on partners

It’s pretty obvious that I suffer quite a bit. Having CFS is bad enough. Having trauma is bad enough. Having both feels like I won some sort of lottery I didn’t even want a ticket for. 933 more words


News and Events - Directions 2014

We’re headed to sunny San Diego for Directions 2014!

NAV Directions, the only event especially for NAV partners, runs from September 14-16 in San Diego, California. 218 more words


A world of growing urbanisation

by Graham Salters European customer development director Urbanise

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We live in a world of growing urbanisation, where the tension between our environment and our lives is ever increasing; where the expectations of the people who occupy buildings, and those of the building owners themselves are changing; where buildings account for 40% of global man-made carbon emissions, while our cities continue to expand. 448 more words