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A world of growing urbanisation

by Graham Salters European customer development director Urbanise

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We live in a world of growing urbanisation, where the tension between our environment and our lives is ever increasing; where the expectations of the people who occupy buildings, and those of the building owners themselves are changing; where buildings account for 40% of global man-made carbon emissions, while our cities continue to expand. 448 more words


The Core Tenets of High Performance Supply Chains

A closer look at a Segmented Supply Chain Strategy

By Puneet Saxena, VP Manufacturing Solutions Strategy, JDA Software

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Dealing with Demand

by Derek Kay Business Development Director Logistex

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The UK economy has been improving for several months now, indeed consultancy firm PwC predict the UK will be the second largest economy in Europe by 2020. 396 more words


July 30 Webinar: BigML + Tableau in action!

In the few months since we announced a collaboration and technical partnership with Tableau, we’ve heard from many users about how they’re benefiting from the ability to incorporate and visualize predictive models built using BigML within their Tableau environments.  59 more words


The Missing V in Big Data for Healthcare

My name is Dean Hudson and I’m the President of EngageHi², a healthcare IT solutions provider and service delivery partner to BigML.

The phrase “Transforming Healthcare” looms as large as “Big Data” or “Business Intelligence” in the healthcare industry. 443 more words

Big Data

Unlocking Sales & Operations Planning &Integrated Business Planning in the Enterprise

by Barry Drummond Business Development Manager Dynasys

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In the world of strategic business planning Integrated Business Planning (IBP), the evolution of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is seen and the panacea, the goal towards which executives are steering their organisations. 565 more words