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China and Foreign Are One Family

Today (19 December 2014) the 人文学院(Department of Humanities) in Harbin Institute of Technology held an event named 中外一家亲(China and Foreign Are One Family). I heard this event from my Chinese teacher 孙立志(Sun Lizhi). 245 more words


Quick and Easy Tricks For The Perfect Party, Every Single Time!

Throwing parties, and hosting events are so much fun, especially when we get to see everyone having a good time! A great party (of any kind) isn’t about perfection, but involves many different elements that come together to make a ball! 430 more words

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Allergy Conscious Event Planning Tips

As an event planner there is so much to consider when planning a party or event no matter what the size. When making your spreadsheet or lists of things to cover do you consider putting ‘Food Allergy Awareness’ on your list? 748 more words

Event Planning

#WineWednesday: Bang for Your Buck Champagne

As the holidays are upon us, we all need a good bubbly (…or two…or three) to open to celebrate with those we love.  While it is always fun to open a crazy-nice, out of this world champagne for a special occasion, it’s more often that I need something tasty that I can open more than one of without hesitation. 217 more words


Common Wedding Mistakes: 10 Ways to Avoid Wedding Disaster

10. The highest cost equals the highest quality: So not true. Choosing the highest priced vendors doesn’t always mean you will be getting higher quality. 886 more words



On the 6th of December we celebrated the engagement of my amazing big brother Anthony and his beautiful fiance` Anna. It was a great night filled with family, friends and fun. 33 more words


Events | Denver Festivus

Denver Festivus 2014: I loved it and it was hilarious but dear lord, there was so much to drink. Going into the event, I did not expect to be drinking so many big beers. 445 more words