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How I know I hung up my Party Girl crown

I’ve seen several of these floating around the internet.  “15 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Party Phase”  “20 Signs You’re a Retired Party Girl” and blah blah blah, but I felt like writing my own personal version.    603 more words


Poem #7: "Potential" (From "Romantically Incorrect")

That’s what you said you saw in me,
All those years ago.

You, the
Nigerian girl who
Emitted an aura of
Intelligent muddleheadedness.

Even though I always dragged around, 309 more words

Romantically Incorrect

Bj Lewis on Detroit Radio and branching out in Denton!

Yep, that happened. And it was fun. The gentleman behind the Unlock Television Channel invited Bj on to “Sports, Hip Hop & Beer,” talk about Party Girl. 191 more words

How to Wear One Sweater 2 Different Ways

Happy October 1st Pretty Lovies! I swear, this year is passing so swiftly. I can’t even tell you where September went. I’ve had meetings on top of meetings/happy hour on top of happy hour, but I’m not complaining…give me a reason to dress-up and I’m on board. 140 more words


Second day in, Rethinking Drinking, Family Ties and the Wild Fun Frontier

Day two here we go, now there is really no worry about binge drinking today because it’s the middle of the week and the nature of the beast is that you get hammered more so on the weekends. 1,244 more words

Alcohol Abuse

Wild Child

Damn. This is going to be much harder than I thought it would be. The will power and strength that it will take to restrain from drinking alcohol and then eating shit is unbelievable. 627 more words


I'm thinking I need an engineering degree.

I mean I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the (awesome) Louisiana Tech University, but maybe I should have went for an engineering one as well. 191 more words