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Paschal Mystery Detachment Challenge

What material possession are you overly attached to?


Write a short essay describing how your understanding of attachment/detachment changed after 24 hours.   24 more words

Paschal Mystery

Paschal Mystery Homework 9/15-9/19

Monday-Thursday:  Read Chapter 3 and complete all study questions and practical exercises.  Review vocabulary each day. Due Friday 9/19.

Thursday 9/18:  Review for Chapter 3 quiz on Friday 9/19. 7 more words

Paschal Mystery

True Love on the Cross of Christ

We cannot speak and understand true love without sacrifice.  Human as we are, we cannot understand this thing because we are afraid to sacrifice and to experience demands for the sake of love.  699 more words

Engaging the Gospel - Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Exaltation of the Holy Cross: Gospel – John 3:13-17

We could never heal our own brokenness, never restore our relationship with God, never attain the eternal blessedness of heaven, by our own devices. 327 more words


Paschal Mystery Slides for Chapter 2

As promised, here are the slides for Chapter 2!

Chapter 2 Notes

Paschal Mystery

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, cycle A

The cross is a symbol of our salvation.  Each time we look upon and venerate the cross; each time we cross ourselves in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit, we profess our willingness to take Jesus seriously, to live the radical Gospel fully, and to die for our beliefs, our values and commitment to God, to Jesus and one another (Sanchez, PD, NCR for 8/29-9/11). 998 more words