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Paschal Mystery Homework 10/27-10/31

Continue to prepare for your test which will be Monday 11/3.

Saturday is All Saints Day.  Please choose a saint to present to the class on Friday 10/31.   57 more words

Paschal Mystery

Sacramental Living

To listen to a homily on sacramental living, click on the image.

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The Eucharist is the Crowning Truth of Our Faith

What is the pinnacle of the truth that is the Catholic Church? Many may presume it to be Mary, or the Saints, or the blessing of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 522 more words


Paschal Mystery Homework 10/20-10/24

Monday 10/20:  Read pages 191-194

Each day review your notes and vocabulary in preparation for the Chapter 5 test. The date of the test will be announced on Thursday 10/23.

Paschal Mystery

Christian Community (2)

In essence, the kingdom Jesus encouraged his followers to enter is based on peace and forgiveness. In his inaugural sermon in Luke, Jesus announced that the kingdom was about bringing good news to the poor, proclaiming release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, letting the oppressed go free, and proclaiming the Lord’s favor, to use the summary Jesus draws from Isaiah in his inaugural sermon in Luke. 704 more words

Paschal Mystery

Paschal Mystery Gifts of the Holy Spirit Paragraph

Write a short paragraph explaining which gifts of the Holy Spirit you wish to receive at Confirmation and why you believe those gifts would be helpful to you or those around you.  Due Friday.

Paschal Mystery

Paschal Mystery Homework 10/13-10/17

Monday 10/13:  Read pages 168-172 and answer study questions 1-5.  Define the following vocabulary words:  apostolic succession, ex cathedra,  extra ecclesiam nulla salus,  indefectibility,  invincible ignorance,  magisterium, marks of the Church, particular judgement, pilgrim church, purgatory, sacrament… 60 more words

Paschal Mystery