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Engaging the Gospel - Matthew 16:21-27

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Gospel – Matthew 16:21-27

Peter takes issue with Jesus’ prophecy of the Passion

Like Peter, we too want God to fit our own preconceived notions, as Benedict XVI explains: 276 more words


Paschal Mystery Homework 8/25-8/29

Monday 8/25:  Define the following:  creation, Adam, Eve, Satan, bible, empirical, metaphysical, redemption.  Due 8/26

Tuesday 8/26:  Study for tomorrow’s test on Chapter 1.

Wednesday 8/27:  Read pages 36-42 and answer study questions 1-9 and practical exercise 1.   24 more words

Paschal Mystery

Paschal Mystery - Vocabulary Quiz Friday!

Don’t forget to study for your vocab quiz this Friday!  Make flashcards and review the definitions a few times a day.  See the homework post for this week to find the words.

Paschal Mystery

Paschal Mystery Homework 8/18-8/22

Monday 8/18:  Learn the definitions of the following vocabulary words: inspired, inerrant, infallible, original holiness, original justice, original sin, preternatural gifts, soul, salvation history, concupiscence.  Due 8/21… 46 more words

Paschal Mystery

Paschal Mystery - Ethical Use of Computers Test

Don’t forget that we have a 10 question True or False test on Monday 8/18 covering our discussion of the ethical use of computers!  Please review the notes you took during class and contact me if you have any questions.

Paschal Mystery

Paschal Mystery Homework 8/13-8/15

Wednesday 8/13:  Read pages 2-7; take notes.  Due 8/14.                                                                               Print syllabus and sign (both student and parent).  Due 8/18

Friday 8/15:  Read pages 8-12; take notes.  Due 8/18.

Paschal Mystery

Welcome to Paschal Mystery!

Welcome to Paschal Mystery!  I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and sharing my love of the Church with you.

I will use this blog to post information necessary for the course including the syllabus (see attachment below), assignments and anything else you might need to accomplish your work in this class.   15 more words

Paschal Mystery