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Natrajasana Yoga for Healthy Heart

You already know the fact that yoga enables you remain fit and highly active. But a new research has dug out some more facts about yoga. 226 more words

Five Ways To Deepen Forward Folds In Yoga

Why do we want to Forward Fold? Well for one, tight legs can create problems for the low back. But also, Forward Bends encourage us to turn our awareness inwards, something that goes a long way towards bringing us to balance in a world that’s constantly pulling us in a million different directions. 552 more words

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Enhance your Beauty with Pure Indian Yoga

Various cosmetic surgeries may promise you beautiful skin and hair, but there is nothing that works better than treating your body naturally. Yoga heals your body and soul and the effect reflects on your skin. 212 more words

Paschima = ‘west’          Tan = ‘To extend’          Asana = ‘Pose’ or ‘seat’

 So what’s this pose about?

Well, in order to learn that – let’s have a think about what it’s… 676 more words

Paschimottanasana is best Yoga Life

Paschimottanasana is the seated forward bend pose and it is also the fifth of twelve basic postures of Hatha asana. You can reap utmost benefits from this pose and the most advantageous thing is that it stretches the backside of your body completely, from the back of the head to the heels. 209 more words

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Yang saya senang dalam latihan yoga adalah kita tidak boleh memaksakan suatu gerakan jika tidak nyaman. Semua gerakan ada modifikasinya, bahkan kita dapat menggunakan alat bantu. 260 more words