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Since the 16th century, the Blue Continent has been a playground for adventure-seeking travellers. Early navigators’ quest for knowledge (officially) and glory (unofficially) prompted them to undertake hazardous voyages in search of new lands in the vast Pacific Ocean. 697 more words

Pacific Islands


Richard Shears is not only an award-winning journalist and photographer, but also the author of more than 30 books. His highly engaging account of the rebellion that occurred on Espiritu Santo in 1980, ‘The Coconut War: Vanuatu and the Struggle for Independence’, is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the history of the Pacific Islands. 1,082 more words

Pacific Islands Literature

Gratitude for the South: My Story

The Big Smoke: Auckland

Rugby in Auckland is very competitive. I was successfully making Auckland age grade teams and national teams as early as 14 years of age, but in my 6th form year I was hit with an illness. 2,130 more words


Giving Pacific Islanders a voice through film

Craig Fasi notices a “real lack” of Pasifika contribution in the film industry 13 years ago, reported the East & Bays Courier.

Fasi says the industry works with a “shoe-string budget” mentality makes it difficult to sustain full-time employment. 115 more words

New Zealand

A refreshed perspective

Today is like any other normal day for me going to uni… but it’s been one with some insights

For instance, today I started with low self esteem, low energy and such negative attitude… 1,023 more words


5 ways to keep the fire burning off the field‏

As a Pacific Islander our faith and spirituality are strong components of who we are, whether we choose to show it publicly or keep it more private. 896 more words


Toi Whakaari Pasifika in the house!

Go Toi Whakaari Pasifika, representing at Vic CareersPasifika Careers Evening last night.

L-R: 3rd year Acting students Vanessa Kumar, Sonny Tupu and Creative Producer and Director, Louise Tu’u, all proudly Samoan and smiling from the wonderful talks from  36 more words