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Prelude - The Dawn of Blogging (for me)

Courtesy of Sobe (a bffl), I’ve decided to formulate┬ámy flustering consciousness into occasional blog posts as a digital diary of sorts. Uninspired as it may seem, I’ve found ‘free association typing’ a major catalyst for releasing unrestricted thoughts, especially when under deep fixation, 7×60 nah mean. 123 more words


I want to drink, drink till the walls spin, drink until my legs wont stand, drink till the fire in my throat is unbearable and the room goes black, drink to forget, drink to make it go away. 35 more words

Passed out while taking a shit.

I fainted for the first time in my life this morning. I’m guessing passing out and fainting are two different things? Because I’ve definitely passed out before on my friends’ couch after a quidditch match….and a substantial amount of alcohol. 176 more words