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Walking in the right direction...

Seeing her walking down the aisle, he knew that she was the one he wanted to start a family with, travel the world and sit on their front porch-old and grey- watching the sunset.  140 more words


Saying goodbye...

As the day got closer to when we had to say goodbye, it got harder and harder to hold back the tears, but I promised myself I would not cry when we actually had to say goodbye, so I’m not going to. 70 more words


A little of both...

Mr. Boseman: You are what you say you are , so if you are shy (which 90 percent of you will probably say that you are), I’m looking for the 10 percent who is willing to say “I’m not shy”. 231 more words

Passage...or Something Like That


He sat in silence, looking like he was reading a book, but secretly he was thinking about her. Thinking about the way she laughed and smiled every time he saw her. 129 more words


Staying up...

No matter how tough her day was or how tired she had become, Ciara always stayed up late just to see her husband’s face before she went to bed. 148 more words


Love at all costs...

Jack: Do you love her?

Jenny: Yes.

Jack: Then why are you still sitting here, you should be going after her.

Jenny: Because you guys don’t like here,  I can’t be with somebody that can’t get along with my family. 51 more words


Too late...

Jenny: I sat here doing nothing but waiting. Waiting for you to walk through that door and know that you chose me and wanted this relationship to work. 87 more words