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carsick-john waters

“Oh God. Is it wrong to be gay but still have ‘gay shame’ as it’s humorously called by hip fags in the U.K.? Embarrassed at the old-school poofs who exaggerate the stereotype and give the new queer generation a gayly incorrect name? 445 more words

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divergent-veronica roth

“I can’t hate Al as much as I want to.
I can’t forgive him either.” (312)

“My father says that those who want power and get it live in terror of losing it. 392 more words

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idiot america-charles p. pierce

“We entertain ourselves with skepticism or, at worst, cynicism. But we govern ourselves with apathy or, at worst, credulity.” (83)

“Cynics bore even themselves eventually. However, as a land of perpetual reinvention and of many frontiers, and founded on ideas and imagination, America had a solution within its genome. 967 more words

Better Than Magazines

American Fault Line

Reading newspapers, something I do every day, I often glom onto a single illuminating paragraph buried in columns of newsprint.

“I am obsessively interested in the 1970s, a liminal moment when women who grew up thinking they were consigned to one kind of future abruptly perceived that a more expansive one might be possible.

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Book Review

2014: Sex and the suddenly single girl?

Remember the exciting, best-seller Sex and the Single Girl? . The 1962  risqué bestseller changed the way women thought about the chase and being chaste. 355 more words
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Ridiculous Ideologies

Live to like.
Learn to love.

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