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The best way

He says the best way out is always through.
And I agree to that, or in so far
As that I can see no way out but through— 138 more words

Paris Day 8 - Passages

Passages were the first ever indoor shopping malls! Back in the days before pavement or in Paris’ case, cobblestone, we’re talking 1820 or so, women had to get to the stores without getting their shoes dirty. 374 more words


Passages by Ilan Katin


A sculpture and projection installation that draws inspiration from a section in the poem ‘The Tobacco Shop’ by writer and poet Fernando Pessoa.

The installation was commissioned and presented by Monstra Animation Festival 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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In Art We Trust

Το Παρίσι που αγαπώ... Vol. I

Το Παρίσι που αγαπώ σχηματίζει το πιο γοητευτικό κινηματογραφικό καρέ. Μια ταινία εποχής με soundrack το “La Bohème” του Charles Aznavour.  Το Παρίσι που αγαπώ το λούζει φως, έτσι που τα νερά του Σηκουάνα φαίνονται μπλέ και όχι γκρι. 22 more words


My Journey/The Bible/4-23-14

My Journey/The Bible/4-23-14

New International Version (NIV)

Psalm 8[a]

For the director of music. According to gittith.[b] A psalm of David. … 159 more words