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this is where i leave you-jonathan trooper

“You never forget your first time, no matter how much you’d like to.” (61)

“Time hasn’t necessarily been unkind to us, but it hasn’t gone out of its way either.” (90) 573 more words

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Enjoying the Challenge...


I was very excited about my first job. The transition from a student to a professional is amazing! The challenges, the responsibilities… everything is new. The induction programme in the company and a week of Soft Skills and Personality Development sessions were great. 585 more words


We are encircled by dangerous clouds

A scary weather: high stormy cumuluses encircle us, sometimes innocently white, sometimes achieving a hopeless shade of iron blue. A rain comes, but this is not the rain what we are concerned: we are scared of a thunderstorm, roving arond all the time. 72 more words

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all of our names-dinaw mengestu

“No one I met believed I was a revolutionary, and I didn’t have the heart to claim I wanted to be a writer.” (4)

“One paper might have been skimmed a dozen times before someone finally paid half-price to take it home, granting everybody, even the poorest among us, just enough information to take a position, however misinformed.” (88) 583 more words

Better Than Magazines



You bring the coffee to my desk,
leave it silently at my elbow

so as not to disturb the thoughts
which the hours have finally yielded. 38 more words

the book of unknown americans-cristina henriquez

“it’s about making something that the smartest guy in the room will feel, and that the dumbest guy in the room will feel. it’s not easy, but it’s important” 654 more words

Better Than Magazines

My little Amazonia

The left one is named Mshanka, Right one is an unnamed stream. They meet and melt under the bridge in Carpathian village named Czarna ( The Black One). To live together forever.

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