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Passap Purl Stitch Motif or Picture Knitting

My friend Susan asked me if we could do the purl stitch on the passap. I told her I know you can use the transfer carriage to do a whole row but wasn’t sure about a design. 268 more words

Passap Knitting Machine

Passap Ribbing 1x1 using CX/CX

It is a nice beautiful snowy day and hubby and the dog are resting up for the Bucks and Ducks game. So I had a chance to go to my woman cave and look through some articles I have in a folder. 310 more words

Brother Knitting Machine

Passap Double Lace Effect with Tuck Stitch Scarf


After I made the fishermans rib scarf I started to think about a reversible pattern that I did before. I found it in Dec 2013 in my blog. 116 more words

Passap Knitting Machine

Passap E6000 Fishermans Rib Scarf

My girlfriends’ grand daughter asked her if she would make her a scarf that wrapped around the neck several times. My girlfriend Sheila came up with this and told me I could share it with you.  309 more words

Passap Knitting Machine

Passap E6000 and DM80 Knitted Christmas Rose

I don’t know how many times I have come across this passap rose in all of my books and patterns. I must have about 7 of them in various places. 185 more words

Passap Knitting Machine