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Tarzan: The perfect A male in the primitive forest of Eden. His one flaw. He eats raw meat. Common on, raw meat. What about a barbeque, a little shrimp on the barbie. 356 more words

RIP... The Legendary Comedienne Joan Rivers Passes Away

According to www.tmz.com:

Joan Rivers — who made the world laugh for over 50 years with her jokes, put-downs and one-liners — has died in NYC … a week after her heart suddenly stopped beating during vocal cord surgery. 41 more words

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Joan Rivers Dead At 81

TMZ has confirmed that legendary comedian Joan Rivers has passed away today (Sept. 4th 2014).

Just a week after she stopped breathing during a vocal cord surgery her daughter… 153 more words


Van Tergelincir Saat Hujan, Ladies Code EunB Meninggal Dunia

Berita yang mengejutkan dan menyedihkan telah dilaporkan. YTN News mengungkapkan bahwa van dari Ladies Code telah tergelincir saat kendaraan tersebut bejalan di tengah hujan.

Pada pukul 01:20 di Korea Selatan, van dari Ladies Code berlari kencang ke dinding pelindung di sekitar kota Singal – daerah Yeongdong Expressway menuju arah Incheon. 149 more words

Oscar Winner Richard Attenborough has Passed Away at the Age of 90

Actor Richard Attenborough, who won the best picture and director Academy Award for Gandhi, has passed away at the age of 90.

Attenborough’s son… 30 more words


My mom passed away last week..

There’s this feeling of hope that I would got the chance to do what a normal girls do with their

moms. Going shopping, talk about hair, boys, men, crushes, actors I’m falling head over heels from the other side of the world, ‘brondong’ pop- band singer/actor with the cutest eyes and smile, singing in a karaoke, talk about co workers impossible actions, crazy friends online that kept me sane (insane that is) #crazynunnasclub jjang! 140 more words

Why Can't Anyone Say "Died?"

George Carlin once said, “Thanks to our fear of death in this country, I won’t have to die. I’ll pass away.”

Read any newspaper obituary and it will use the word  202 more words