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Oscar Pistorius Sentenced & Oscar de la Renta Passes Away - Grab And Go Gossip

Sad news with the passing away of famous designer Oscar de la Renta. Plus Oscar Pistorius gets sentenced to prison.



Another Great Teacher has left this world. :(

This morning, Dolores Cannon, a past life regressionist, hypnotherapist, and world renowned author, passed away. Dolores Cannon was best known for her books on reincarnation and extraterrestrial life — stories she accumulated by the Subconscious (or SC, Higher Self) through many people from all over the world by using a special hypnosis technique she created. 611 more words

Dolores Cannon


Rushing wind
Hushing me,
Cold as that
Halloween night.

Chilling memories
Covered in warm blankets.

The smell of coffee
While watching cartoons
As she held me in her arms.


Dream In Music Presents Another Round Of "Who Am I"?

Wow, it looks like you bloggers have had a whole lot of fun guessing the celebrities behind those funny disguises, hmm? Well, it looks like I’m gonna stump you all again, just like before, because here is another puzzle that will keep you guessing; Take a good look at this picture of this celebrity below: 140 more words

Disc Jockey

Writing 101 - My Dog and Living Things

My most treasured possession passed away last March. Her name was Nikki and she was my favorite dog ever. I wrote a few blog posts on her passing as she was becoming sick and when she was gone so I will just put the links in for you to read: 116 more words

My Thoughts

Jannie van der Westhuizen - 1931 to 2014

Jannie van der Westhuizen, the husband of Jottie van der Westhuizen, née Schreuder, one of the five Schreuder sisters, passed away on 8 July 2014. 907 more words