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I was away on another business trip the past few days.  The night before I left we all got together and figured out the driving responsibilities for the oldest.  140 more words


Opening Day

We were all in the kitchen Monday morning before school.  It was opening day for baseball and the kids were exited to watch the game.  The twins had their batting practice, but that didn’t start until 8:45pm so we could have dinner and watch the game. 150 more words


I Don't Believe In Coincidences........

This weekend was somewhat random.

It started with me getting my booking sheets on Friday… My response?

AWESOME! Making Cash!……… Wait, Palmdale? Ugh. Monday Job? Ugh. 2,704 more words

Boys Weekend

I took a three-day weekend and went fishing with three old college friends.  I didn’t worry about leaving the kids with their mother since the oldest is driving and had instructions to drive the twins.   84 more words


March 28, 2014

Hello World.

Its another day in bed for me after my post op in Boston.

Not fun.

They had to remove the drain in my ankle. 177 more words

Junior Prom

The oldest had her Junior Prom recently.  Her mother signed up to decorate the room the dance was in.  She always signs up for things with good intentions then shows up drunk or misses them completely. 256 more words


Awaken, Not to Life...

Thick, black mascara tears.
Still lying on the tile,
Cold and hard
Is her hazy, piecemeal truth.

Small cuts evrywhere,
Diced pain.
Broken glass surrounds. 35 more words