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Seattle to Portland High Speed Rail

Currently travel times between the heart of Portland and the heart of Seattle look something like this. Google maps reports driving is 2 hours and 44 minutes. 769 more words

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2015 North American Rail Passenger Outlook Brighter than it Might Seem, Railway Age Reports

If you focus on Amtrak, it might seem that passenger rail in North America is in jeopardy.

Amtrak faces a multitude of woes including falling ridership on some routes due to delays caused by freight train congestion and a new Congress that may be more hostile to funding the nation’s rail passenger network. 1,008 more words

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Local Officials Are Funding Rail Over Roads

Local Officials Are Funding Rail Over Roads

 From the Texas Scorecard, by Ross Kecseg, 12/4/14 -


 North Texans expecting more traditional, non-tolled roadways… 536 more words

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Westernsreboot.com is wrapping up a 5-day visit to Denver, Colorado, and this writer was able to visit the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden on January 6th. 240 more words


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Writing on Trains

Musings in Motion

By Charles McKelvy

Writing on a train.

It just comes naturally as I ride (and write) Amtrak Train 350, … 349 more words


Moline Prepares for "The Q" Construction

The effort to transform the west side of downtown Moline is about to take a big leap forward.

The old Sears warehouse, built 97 years ago, will be renovated into “The Q,” a train depot and hotel complex.   485 more words


A train at what price?

“Sleeper trains occupy a romantic corner of travellers’ souls,” ‘B. R.’ wrote in The Economist‘s travel-related ‘Gulliver’ blog this past week. “But we are not quite fond enough of them, it seems, actually to ride them.” 554 more words