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What We Do When We Aren't... Here

“Here” is a bit out of sorts these days… we are moving forward but in vicious, tightly woven circles that progress in subtle shades of promise. 162 more words

@ Amber Lane

The Sound Of...Passenger

Listening to good music, music that makes us feel something, is such a wonderful feeling. It fills is will a connection we hadn’t previously seen, reaches out and touches a part of ourselves that we had thought should be kept hidden. 463 more words


Passenger: A Heartfelt Folk Singer Your Ears Would Appreciate

I first heard Passenger along with the rest of the radio listening population when his song, “Let Her Go” broke through the US airways. Since listening to this sad, yet somehow upbeat melody folk song, I started backtracking and listening to his other songs. 194 more words

HAHA.... So I thought this blogging thing would be easy.....

So here I am- almost 5 months into being 30…..

Oh geez when I see it written that way, that just means I am 7 months away from being 31…. 257 more words


EU air traffic levels beat rest of the world

EU Facilities outpaced their non-EU counterparts in terms of air traffic growth for the first time since 2006. 121 more words


Royal - Cycles EP

New music here from Royal.

The DC producer dropped his Cycles EP yesterday, debuting three new tracks in “Mixed Feelings” and “Devil” parts I and II. 58 more words


Passenger Live in Qantas Credit Union Arena

Ever since I arrived in Sydney, the concert situation has flipped almost 180 degrees. Going from Bali that was rarely being a destination of artists especially the ones I wanted to see, to living in the number one city of concert stops in Australia. 257 more words