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That Random Song that Gets You in the Feels

As I was grading papers today, I was listening to a random YouTube mix based off of Newton Faulkner. I wasn’t really listening to the playlist, though, because grading. 262 more words


Passenger (Support: The Once)

Passenger is a singer-songwriter who played a show in Vienna all the way back in October (good grief, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with my reviews…). 398 more words


A turnaround trip

“Dad I’m leaving. I’ll be back tomorrow. Please take care and have your medicines on time. Do not forget the house keys when you go for your evening walks. 852 more words

Heart of gold

The Fortress is a gentlemen’s club of wide renown where I live. A decades-old institution in the middle of a busy business district, any man over 21 and under 80 who has never heard of The Fortress is not a worldly man. 954 more words

From Other Contributors! 4512 and 60051

Thanks to Ben(R) and brickscorner from the 1000steine board two more trains came into the collection:

The 2014 passenger train, still without stickers but with a converted LDD front, thanks to… 60 more words


Rolling Stone - Passenger

Sometimes I feel like I’m falling…falling fast and falling free

She said “My darling you’re not falling…always looked like you were flying to me”

- My favourite bit from the song :)