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Dear Friend, Don't be Sad

You look so sad, and I wonder why?
Life is not bad, which is not a lie.

Stop feeling alone. You do have friends.
You just need to let your poor heart mend. 171 more words


Poems from Starehe: Change is the Point

I promised to publish poetry by my students here. Here is the second from the “Poems from Starehe” series:

In our world today, things do happen, 224 more words


Flying is...

Flying is freedom
Flying is love
Flying is an expansion
Flying is a passion for the unknown
Flying is life
Flying is bravery

Life is love and love is when we believe in the freedom of loveā€¦ 48 more words



I’ve always told you,

That being different,

Is not synonymous to being inferior.

I see you through my eyes,

Green eyes,

Of jealousy and pride. 69 more words


Being a perfectionist is bad,
You spend a lot of time doing one thing,
If it doesn’t work,
You are frustrated,
Angry, Miserable.

Don’t get me wrong, 40 more words