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Flying is...

Flying is freedom
Flying is love
Flying is an expansion
Flying is a passion for the unknown
Flying is life
Flying is bravery

Life is love and love is when we believe in the freedom of love… 48 more words



I’ve always told you,

That being different,

Is not synonymous to being inferior.

I see you through my eyes,

Green eyes,

Of jealousy and pride. 69 more words


Being a perfectionist is bad,
You spend a lot of time doing one thing,
If it doesn’t work,
You are frustrated,
Angry, Miserable.

Don’t get me wrong, 40 more words


Passion for Freedom

The Horse…

What a beautiful creature.  When Horse comes into our lives he is speaking to us about our passion for life… our personal drive… and our passion for freedom. 397 more words


Loss and Life Lessons

Every day life throws a curve ball.

All of a sudden in my life I am experiencing a lot of loss. Whether it was someone I knew a while ago or someone I was very close to. 174 more words