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One spark
An orchestra of me

Beats loud and strong
Pulses run wild
Head spins away

Sleep tonic
Is what
I need



Wave after wave of decadent lust circles
round & round my tiny frame
Pulls tighter
I call your name
Devoured by you
This is not a game


The 7 Principles of Health

Ever since I learned about the 7 Principles of Health from the wise Don Tolman and started to embrace this ancient wisdom, my life has changed for the better! 768 more words


You know, when I started all this I said to myself,”…THIS WILL BE A HOOT!!!  I’ll write some things from my experiences and my notes from training sessions and hey…maybe I’ll help somebody out!”  Who knew.  2,471 more words

The Forgotten Power of Art

Society loves to measure and value people based on what they do for a living and how big their paycheck is, yet those that pursue any artistic passion, until they became famous, will be frowned upon and questioned. 493 more words


If you could have any job in the world...

“If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?”

I ask this question to every applicant I interview. Their response tells me so much about them; how they view themselves and what they feel they have to offer. 380 more words


How to Help Nigeria Series..

Someone on facebook asked me this question..
“But what exactly is it that you want people to do? You keep saying people should do something. What is that something? 65 more words