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Power Take Back

I Love You.

Even with the immature thoughts and feeling I had over the past weeks since I started classes in Toronto, I still have feelings for You. 242 more words


A bundle of questions (continued)

How do you feel about moving on?

Good question! Really good question… in fact it’s a very Interesting question. Truth be told I do not know. 1,004 more words


I Love You

Three of the most powerful words that touch your soul like no other, that make your heart smile inside, that help you to believe that anything is possible and that give you hope for the future and peace in the now.   186 more words


Inspired by the Geraldine Fibbers' Dragon Lady

The way singer  Carla Bozulich delivers the lyrics to the song Dragon Lady, has always inspired intense emotions and visuals for me.  There was a difficult period of my life, when I would scream these lyrics with Carla at the top of my lungs while driving the freeways of Los Angeles; windows rolled up.   80 more words


Sex, Elevators, & Waking Up

I did not wake up lazily with the sunlight that drifted through drapes we were too distracted to close. Instead, I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar ceiling, and immediately looked over to make sure I had not dreamt the whole thing. 620 more words

Getting into Harvard: Make Your Children Interesting

Source: The Atlantic, Jun 2014

“We could fill our class twice over with valedictorians,” Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust told an audience at the Aspen Ideas Festival, sponsored by the Aspen Institute and… 75 more words


Living in Your Skin

I feel your pulse
beating under my skin
it reminds me that I am alive,
I bleed for you
in my own little way,
your breath… 92 more words