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The Adventures of Eros - The Halloween Party

I was wearing my costume, looking like a hunky zombie that loves girls for their brains. I wore torn pants and ripped up shoes. As for the rest, I was flashing my chiseled abs to the ladies. 270 more words


Experiencing Passionate Loving

There was a time when passion arose as quickly as water boiled for only a few minutes.

Immaturity can cause the inability to have patience enough to hold on to a sweet moment, fearing it will all end much too quickly. 305 more words

My Poetry Corner

In Autumns View

Gold shimmers through the glass
From waves of distant leaves
Love, making love
Each and every sense burns
The smell of autumns bliss
The taste of a passionate kiss… 19 more words

Poet In The Woods

Passionately Curious - Why You Should Never Kiss A Shark

Science is pretty damn awesome. For starters, it’s proven rather good at providing us with all kinds of nifty stuff: like the electronic device you might be reading this on, or the breakfast you had this morning, or the beer you drank way too much of last night. 862 more words

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