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Do you have hidden anger?

By David Joel Miller

Hidden anger can poison you and your relationships.

You may not feel comfortable expressing your anger. There may be others around you who try to pretend that they are not angry about things when deep down inside they are seething. 966 more words

Anger Management


(The article below is by Dr. Keith Ablow.  I did not write it.)

Robin Williams, a comic genius and one of the great storytellers of our time, apparently chose to end his life because he could not see the next chapter of his own story as containing anything other than unbearable psychological pain. 772 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

"It could be worse..."

“It could be worse…”

When you are feeling down and someone says this to you, do you feel better?

Or do you feel insane?  Frustrated?  Angry?   10 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

clutter, anyone???

Do any of you struggle with too much clutter?  Too much stuff?

Can anyone tell me why I can have a box (or multiple boxes) full of stuff that I will not think about for months, or even years, and yet, when I open the box, I can’t get rid of it? 10 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

When Someone Is Looking for Approval or Support, What Response Do You Have?

If someone tells you about a problem they are facing, think about your response before responding.

Your husband tells you he is disgusted with his job. 488 more words

Doris Wild Helmering

Family: Can't live with them, can't live without them!!!

This is about everything and nothing in particular. Do you ever feel that when you need your family the very most, they don’t come through? When you just need them to listen, they spring into action when you don’t need that. 950 more words


Your Passive-Aggressive Weekly Planner

Passive-aggressive behavior is not yet illegal, although I think it should be a felony. But felonies often go hand-in-hand with major inconveniences such as being shoved into a cage and treated like a rabid dog for years. 479 more words