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thinking about "rough morning"

There is something I’ve been thinking about from the conversation Thursday morning. When he told me that he wanted sex and asked what he had to do to get sex and said, fix the roof, fix the floors, buy cars for our daughters, it was like saying, if he spent enough money, would I have sex with him. 294 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

two outta three...

“I wanted to wash the dishes for you before you got home, but I didn’t have time because of going to Wal-Mart and picking blueberries .”

Passive Aggressive Behavior

rough morning, rough day

This morning, my husband and I talked for a long time. (I was forty-five minutes late to work.)

We’ve been going to different churches for several months now and he thinks I should go to the same church that he does.   674 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior

Two little words that made my heart stop

I’ll never forget the day. It was eight years ago, and I heard peals of laughter coming from the other room. I smiled, knowing the sound of my husband tickling our then three year old daughter. 783 more words

saying yes instead of no

He asked me if I wanted to meet him at a certain restaurant near where I work for dinner tonight.

Well, I don’t.

But I said, sure. 169 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior


You know how you have one of those days when you wake up feeling already behind and beaten before you even start?

And you haven’t gotten enough sleep so you live the day on the verge of tears because when you haven’t gotten enough sleep, everything becomes too much. 462 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior


I’ve been in denial about how much damage my marriage has done to my daughters, about how much damage my husband has done to my daughters. 69 more words

Passive Aggressive Behavior