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We just communicated effectively

I really don’t want to be passive aggressive, but I feel sometimes that my opinion might literally kill someone with words. Instead of, “Ya know, I absolutely loathe that you don’t care to pick up dog poop in the yard and assume that I will because I just tend to take care of everything so why should you care you son of a…” 910 more words

I'm Not Talking to You - But You Should. Here's Why:

Some of the most passive – aggressive behaviour to deal with is when someone who is angry at you has decided not to talk to you. 541 more words

My Thoughts

Making Mountains out of Molehills

Don’t do it.  When something is upsetting, whether you are justified in your feelings or not, you have to resist the urge to react immediately. 861 more words

Drama Queen

A Modern Enlightenment

Lately I’ve been going through somewhat of a mental set shift – everything that I used to believe about the way the world works, the way people interact, and my general opinions about life have completely changed and/or adapted.   437 more words


Best Friends

Tonight I was watching an episode of Gilmore Girls where Paris and Rory get into a huge fight. They get called into Headmaster Charleston’s office, for a talk. 296 more words


I'm Passive Agressive But...

I’m not petty. I think most people get up in arms about people who feel/want something but don’t say anything. Don’t get me wrong, I do have issues expressing my desires and feelings with my close friends but generally, I speak up for myself. 92 more words