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Oops - don't wanna stand on the soap box

I am writing this post in response to an author whose blog I recently commented on. I (generally) pride myself on being able to offer a differing opinion respectfully. 1,703 more words


We put them on bottles…..We put them on boxes…..We put them on files…..We put them on lots of things…..Even people…..They can be flattering, or hurtful, or insulting or a compliment. 1,019 more words

Maybe it's time

The clock is ticking…. tick-toc, tick-toc….clicking away each day….each day a little closer….a little closer to the worst….the worst and maybe best day of my life. 1,025 more words


As I get older, I guess it makes sense that I am more self-aware and one truth is now very obvious to me.
I am a very passive person with only a touch of “aggressive”. 519 more words

Passive Agressive

Mermaids and Metal Heads – An open letter to 507

Dear 507,

My sweet sweet upstairs neighbours. How are you? Good, good, no I’m just grand – no really. I saw that you booked out the BBQ area last week? 612 more words


Before there was Facebook, there were e-mail blasts; before there were e-mail blasts, there were calling cards and probably passive-aggressive letters tossed here and there by carrier pigeon.

Brittany Allen