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As I get older, I guess it makes sense that I am more self-aware and one truth is now very obvious to me.
I am a very passive person with only a touch of “aggressive”. 519 more words

Passive Agressive

Mermaids and Metal Heads – An open letter to 507

Dear 507,

My sweet sweet upstairs neighbours. How are you? Good, good, no I’m just grand – no really. I saw that you booked out the BBQ area last week? 612 more words


Before there was Facebook, there were e-mail blasts; before there were e-mail blasts, there were calling cards and probably passive-aggressive letters tossed here and there by carrier pigeon.

Brittany Allen

What should you do with people that use love and light in vain online

There are those snarky people that get into a disagreement and close the argument with “love and light” and end the conversation on a high note :) 390 more words


Back and Affront

It can be difficult to remember you’re not the center of the universe.  Or at least the central focus and primary contributor to another person’s mood.  717 more words