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My Dreams are Mocking my Passive Aggressiveness

My dreams are mocking me; hitting me over the head with their overly simplistic meanings, departing with any attempt to plump them up with slight enigma or floral digression that would cause any sane person to think twice about after waking of their meaning. 144 more words


LISTEN | Tails - "Nice Guy"

  • Artist| Tails
  • Song| “Nice Guy”
  • Project| Passive Agressive

-  It’s not frequent that I am introduced to someone based on their (Twitter) personality before I know that they have skills with a pen, but I was happily surprised when… 93 more words

The Music

Ordinary Toxicity

It is the story of a top.

A single piece of clothing, quite ordinary and uninteresting…

until it became the tool for a passive-agressive episode. 593 more words


Oops - don't wanna stand on the soap box

I am writing this post in response to an author whose blog I recently commented on. I (generally) pride myself on being able to offer a differing opinion respectfully. 1,703 more words


We put them on bottles…..We put them on boxes…..We put them on files…..We put them on lots of things…..Even people…..They can be flattering, or hurtful, or insulting or a compliment. 1,019 more words

Maybe it's time

The clock is ticking…. tick-toc, tick-toc….clicking away each day….each day a little closer….a little closer to the worst….the worst and maybe best day of my life. 1,025 more words