She met her

Down on that lonely road

The smoke still hung

Stiffly in the morning air,


Passively affecting

The beings around.

The cigarette butt… 48 more words

Haywire Thoughts

Honesty is the best policy

The practice of having a smoking (and non-smoking) area in food establishments in Singapore stopped in 2006, according to Wikipedia. The ban was extended in 2009 to include open spaces such as bus stops, covered walkways, and lift lobbies. 871 more words

Stress Management

Are You a 'Social' Smoker? Here are 7 Steps to Help You Stop

Social smokers have cigarettes ‘only once in awhile’ – usually when they’re with friends or when they’ve been drinking. Many don’t even consider themselves smokers and, as such, believe they’re not at risk for the health problems related to smoking. 300 more words