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CHAPEL HILL NEWS: "Solar home uses visible and hidden super-green features"

By Sally Keeney

“We are in the house and it is wonderful. It is so beautiful. I am amazed how clean the air feels.”

Those are the words of home owner Aaron Fleischauer. 169 more words

Media Coverage

First Things First: Health & Comfort

In any home, there are two major factors for winter comfort and health: temperature and humidity. A warm, dry home makes the human body feel good, and keeps the immune system strong. 682 more words

Eco Thrifty Renovation

Getting There

Trying to sum up the significance of our first week at Community Rebuilds is something like trying to catch a hundred fireflies in under a minute. 662 more words


You need vision

You need vision to design and build a home. When we first embarked on this adventure we didn’t realize the full scope of details that go into the planning and design phase of custom home construction. 335 more words

1 August

I became a home owner two years ago yesterday- based mostly on the sunny backyard (with raised beds already in place! and a big compost bin! 231 more words

Backyard Farm

Sold out July Sustainable Home tour

Over 25 people attended a house tour held by Town Transition Guildford’s Sustainable Homes Group on the weekend. Group member Martin Chape opened up his house in Bellevue where he explained to them a number of ways of moving off the electricity grid. 347 more words


Shape in Context

The natural world has many examples of adaptation to climate. The northern white-tailed deer has a lower surface area to volume ratio than does its more diminutive southern cousin and radiates less body heat per unit of mass, allowing it to stay warmer in the colder climate.   247 more words

Architecture Of The Fittest