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Blog Post: How Has Passivity Crept Into Your Teams?

It’s happened more than I’m willing to admit.

Standing before the team, I’m faced with an issue that I have to address. A company policy we have was not being followed by one of my team members, and I needed to call this person out and make sure it doesn’t continue. 1,203 more words


Being Passive Helps, Right?

If you sweep something under the rug, someone else will just have to have to clean up the mess.

At first glance, it seems as though your passivity is doing nothing. 62 more words

Life Musings

Five reasons having an open mind will sink you in the workplace.

Published here today at Linked In.

Don’t let faux passivity diminish your opportunities or reputation. 9 more words


Day 23 The Fisher King - Read the signs


There are various versions of the Fisher King. The one that I came across talks of a procession that is held every night at the King’s castle. 280 more words


Aggression and Assertiveness Part II: Passivity and why contradiction is not argument

Most people only think about aggression and passivity as a dyad, seeing passivity as the opposite as aggression. In many ways there are opposite characteristics, as passive people tend to violate their own rights while denying their own needs, thoughts and feelings often while filling the needs of others. 536 more words

The Fixer

Are you a fixer?  When faced with a problem, big or small, do you look for solutions, figuring there must be something in your life you can tweak to make it go away? 287 more words

In the Sea of Nun

You told me I didn’t know what water was
I told you, “There is more to the sea of Nun than you could ever guess” 668 more words