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I Think I Get It

As I have taken a more active role in my association, I have tried to stir others into action as well. I have pondered the reluctance of so many educators to take a more active role in education on both local and national levels. 484 more words


America makes you nuts -- for real...

Brilliant article in Salon: Living in America will drive you insane — literally.

Money quotes:

“A June 2013 Gallup poll revealed that 70% of Americans hate their jobs or have “checked out” of them.

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A Special Wedding in Healdsburg♥︎

My two good friends, JV (Jessica) and Jonathan (JV2), got married Saturday ! The setting was beautiful Healdsburg, Ca (Sonoma County). Being food-, nature-, + joy-enthusiasts, JV/JV picked the coolest, freshest, aesthetically wondrous restaurant /art gallery called… 304 more words


Education, passivity and God's plan for humanity

I was rather interested in Michel de Verteuil’s comment (in: Let All the Peoples Praise Him: Lectio Divina and the Psalms) that

because of the insights of great educators like Paulo Freire, we are conscious that the education system encourages passivity; it frustrates God’s plan for humanity.

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Random Thoughts

Courtesy of Elephant Journal | 5 Reasons We Ought to Tell People Off when we’re Angry

We live in a gloves-on society.

We can sue someone for spilling coffee, call the cops when our neighbor plays music too loudly, but Bob forbid we tell a coworker “I find you annoying.” 954 more words

Passivity is a Thief of Destiny

Passivity is a thief of destiny. Passivity is blinded to the urgency for action. Passivity says, “Tomorrow will do.” Passivity robs vision of urgency. Without urgency, necessity slumbers. 141 more words

My Journey

We're Born Alone, We Live Alone, We Die Alone.

“Loneliness is about the scariest thing out there”~Joss Whedon

I was feeling deeply alone some days ago. I was away from my family and my love ones and had to face hard situations. 1,096 more words