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The Last Men

Here now are the last men – the final unsteady lingerers in an otherwise abandoned pub. They ruminate bleary-eyed and thick-tongued through the slow quiet hours before the dawn. 72 more words

Flash Fiction

Twitter: Influence versus passivity

According to Kardara et al. (2012) there is “no standard method in the literature for evaluating the outcomes of an influence criterion”, but recent studies revealed that Twitter influencers may be “the users who produce original content that is frequently retweeted”, though “they avoid getting into discussions or reproducing others’ opinions” (online… 699 more words


Intervening when intervention is required; 11-Aug-2014

In India, if there is an accident, I have seen people rush to the spot – to help. But, there are more people who do not rush to help, they rush to see what’s happening. 127 more words

Noteworthy Web Articles

Moral Fatigue

There is a quiet shift that’s happened in our country.

It affects both the domestic situation and our international relations, to the detriment of both. 717 more words

Humble Musings On Today's Culture

Supporting Injustice through Passivity

“Bullies may be the perpetrators of evil, but it is the evil of passivity of all those who know what is happening and never intervene that perpetuates such abuse.”

730 more words
Opinion Pieces

The Ugly Truth: Part-time Parenting

Let’s get something clear right off. Work-Life balance doesn’t exist in this world. In a utopian world you wouldn’t need to have it defined separately since the balance would be in-built. 448 more words


See through...

Can you see through…

The muddy waters surrounding?
Will you reveal the way out?
Feet so far beneath the surface,
Merging with the sludge of doubt. 50 more words