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Engaged Following: The End of the Passive Wife

My husband and I recently made a cross-country move. We traveled caravan style, him leading the way in a U-Haul truck while I followed in my car. 136 more words


To Become a Man - Part 2

If you recall, we declared earlier that the first step to becoming a man was to reject passivity. If we are to set our feet firmly on the path to manhood, we need to live purposefully. 671 more words

Christian Living

SCANDAL: the Connection Between The Republic and the Institutional Church

I have been watching reruns of one of my favorite TV series of all time, SCANDAL.

Each time, I watch it from a different perspective. 436 more words

Organized Church

Letter to my Passive Self

Dear Reader,

I let it get away.

That which lies between me and last Monday.

I ignored the waves of thought as they crashed over me and now I am left only with what stands upon the shore. 1,429 more words

Life Talk And Reflection

If a man makes himself a worm he must not complain when he is trodden on. – Immanuel Kant

How to Play

I know someone who frequently compares his life to a poker hand.  It’s a game of chance.  And he always says that you have to discard the bad cards… 1,310 more words

Page 169, "Potential may be worse than none."

Going to keep this one short and sweet. 3 things:

1. “the hero of non-action” (142) in Hal’s essay brings to mind the first scene with Hal, speechless and more or less doing nothing for quite some time, and the medical attache and other people with him completely engrossed in the unlabeled cartridge. 297 more words

Infinite Jest