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The Path to Heaven

How can we enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

To find this answer, we need to know the one who has eternal life.

God is the only one who has eternal life. 334 more words

Church Of God

Passover,the New covenant [WMSCOG-Ahnsahnghong]

When Christians are asked, “Have you received salvation?” they reply, “Yes,” but if they are asked, “Do you celebrate the Passover?” most of them will hesitate in answering. 364 more words


The goal of our faith is the salvation of our souls

Why do people work for companies? 

Some say that they feel happy while working in a company. Others say that they are having a happy work life due to good colleagues. 698 more words

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'Server not found' (WMSCOG)

‘Server not found’

You might have been embarrassed at the above message while browsing the Internet. There are various reasons which cause an error: “the specified server could not to be found.” Among them, a network issue is the biggest factor contributing to this error. 336 more words


The Great Supper

Some claim that there is no need to keep the Passover because it belongs to the Old Testament law. They say that all laws were abolished after the Crucifixion. 732 more words


The path of Life,Passover[World Mission Society Church of God]

The Path of Life, Passover 

To go to a destination when we see a map and follow it, we can arrive at the destination.
Thus Is there the path of destination for heaven? 362 more words