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Objections to Election-Objection 5

Five: It discourages efforts for the salvation of sinners.

Answer: Since it is a secret decree, it cannot hinder or discourage such efforts. On the other hand, it is a ground of encouragement since it guarantees that some sinners will repent and believe. 40 more words


[WMSCOG news] WMSCOG Church Society Teams Up with SANBS to Donate Blood

Church society teams up with SANBS to donate blood

Press : Perdeby

Date : Aug 27, 2013

The World Mission Society Church of God in collaboration with the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) held a blood drive last Monday. 335 more words

Weather and the Jewish Year

Queentimely wrote in response to a recent post:

I don’t know how many readers you have in the southern hemisphere, but it might interest those in the north to be reminded that it’s actually winter here — cold (in Melbourne terms), blowy and dark early.

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[wmscog news] Reag: latest clean up

Reag: latest clean up

press :  Rochdale Online       date :  Sep 14, 2013

Members of the local community have supported the Rochdale Environmental Action Group… 136 more words

My first encounter - World Mission Society Church of God & Ahnsahnghong

What happened when I got into the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) ?

Nothing was special in my life. Then, I encountered a Church believing in Ahnsahnghong… 1,226 more words


[World Mission Society Church of God] According to Your Word

A Seed given to people by a king

There was a wise king in an ancient country. He wanted to see how honest his people were and how obedient they were to his commands.

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Objections to Election-Objection 4

Four: It inspires pride in those who think they are elect.

Answer: This is possible only in the case of those who pervert the doctrine. On the contrary, its proper influence is to humble men. 190 more words