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Does becoming a citizen 'feel' any different?

I’ve heard a lot of people say that getting married is just signing a piece of paper. I think that If marriage was so unimportant they’d have got married a long time ago. 374 more words

Becoming British

Citizenship: Your Place in The World

In analysing our place in the world, one way to look at this more tangibly is to look at our place in the world in the context of citizenship.   1,008 more words

Life And How To Live

There’s something magical about airports. Departures, arrivals, passports and tickets. Accents from around the globe and eavesdropping on conversations you don’t understand. Watching kids leave for school tours all dressed in matching outfits.   406 more words


Elements WD My Passport 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

Most new computers on the market come installed with large hard drives, but there are also many compelling reasons to consider using an external hard… 358 more words


surat izin masuk dunia global

Setiap saat mulai perkuliahan, saya selalu bertanya kepada mahasiswa berapa orang yang sudah memiliki pasport. Tidak mengherankan, ternyata hanya sekitar 5% yang mengangkat tangan. Ketika ditanya berapa yang sudah pernah naik pesawat, jawabannya melonjak tajam. 924 more words

In Escort Passport Max

Using an escort agency for choosing mumbai escorts is one of the best ways to find gorgeous escorts for your companionship. If you try to find an… 307 more words