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Driverless Cars Vulnerable to Hacking, Possible Use in Terror Attack

A new report released by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) says holes in the software used to power driverless cars will most likely exist for malicious individuals to exploit for their own purposes, such as steal cars, cause traffic to stall, or maneuver them remotely so that they crash into other vehicles, structures and pedestrians on the street….




George Bernard Shaw once said:  “Progress is impossible without change…”  GBS obviously never had to work with computers and IT.  I am sure all of you have had to deal with, at some point in your careers, a message from  IT department instructing you to exit all your apps, programs, etc and turn off your computer before you leave so that an upgraded email/OS/security/etc… 1,489 more words

Smart Phones, Smart Cars: The Dangers of a Smart Future

With a smart phone acting as a master key, a hacker can easily gain access to someone’s home or car in hours, if not minutes. 36 more words

Cyber Crime

Validation javascript to valid password & confirm password is valid

function validate(ScreenContext, errorMessage)

var SSOPassword = ScreenContext.getFieldValue( “|ssopassword|”);
var SSOConfirmPassword = ScreenContext.getFieldValue( “|ssoconfirmpassword|”);

if (SSOPassword==null || SSOPassword.length()==0) {
errorMessage.reference = ‘Enter password to continue'; 87 more words


How to Protect Your Privacy on Public WiFi Networks

So you’re at your favorite coffee shop and have hopped on to the free WiFi with your tablet to check your social networks, read the latest news, and maybe take a quick peek at your bank balance while you’re enjoying your latte. 46 more words

Cyber Attack

SFI System update

Due to our ongoing efforts to secure our Websites against outside attacks, we changed our password handling to eventually allow for optional password expiration and two-factor authentication.  55 more words