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How to password protect a folder? Kakasoft Folder Protector is an easy-to-use and reliable tool to secure/encrypt folders/files with password.

Save The Best For Last

There were some rumors about the impressive number of genuine rocket scientists, who work in Microsoft, but the recent security announcement proved us all wrong. There has to be an entire army of busy little bees flying like crazy to literally knock us off our feet with breathtaking advice. 177 more words

Pass, pass, pass?

Dành cho các chương có H và để phòng ngừa tệ nạn trộm cắp

Password: trong vở kịch Eugene Onegin của Pushkin, Onegin được sinh ra và lớn lên ở đâu? 13 more words


Simple And Secure Passwords

…recovered from old blog (originally posted 26th April 2012)

After a pre(r)amble, this post is intended to provide a system through which you can generate passwords for your various on-line accounts that are:- 907 more words


Set an Azure AD password to never expire

By default all passwords on Azure AD and thereby Office 365 will expire and have to be renewed. For administrative or service accounts that can be very inconvenient. 76 more words


sudo asks for password even if NOPASSWD is set in /etc/sudoers

TL;DR when a script is not marked as executable and you try to run it with sudo, you don’t get the usual -bash: myScript.sh: Permission denied… 314 more words


Sharing passwords within the family

While daddy may be a geek, mummy REALLY isn’t. This has caused daddy some real headaches when it comes to shared accounts as he likes to use complex passwords that mummy NEVER remembers. 862 more words