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Relationships, Music, and The Perfect Girl Syndrome

I used to think I was the perfect girlfriend and would make the perfect wife. I was so right and so wrong.  The example I had growing up was completely messed up. 2,527 more words


My Past and Present

Being born into a family of all boys in the Seattle area, you can bet I love one thing… and that is Seattle sports. This passion fires me up for anything and everything. 360 more words


Responsible Reader

Not all poems
Are about love.
This one screams
About troubles in dreams
Soccer players in teams
Lips covered in coffee foams
Like trees that rise above. 46 more words



Heart done with fingers in the window—
who created this?

I wonder, did you walk right from the past,
into this supermarket,
and draw unforgivingly on the glass… 107 more words

You can say pain is mandatory but I say suffering is optional.

We go through so many things in life and like I always say, it is totally part of life. The pains differ from persons to persons. 520 more words

Daily Living

Petroglyphs at Parowan Gap

For a moment this weekend the past and present collided as my family visited the petroglyphs over in Parowan, Utah.  This remote place has been essentially untouched for hundreds, if not thousands of years.   107 more words

As I See It

The Charge

Elevated in a mind’s eye castle here, I dream a certain proximity

to the Georgian belles and Capitols bookmarking a myriad things I have to see… 560 more words