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Old Toys

This week we have a history focus and we will be exploring the notion of past and present. To do this we will exploring the differences and similarities between old toys from the past and new toys. 57 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge- Day 5- Things You Want to Say to an Ex

I really only have one ex and he was a doozy!  (Does anyone really know how to spell that word?)

A little background on him… we were together for 5 years. 460 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

30 Day Writing Challenge- Day 4- Most Significant Childhood Memory

Just reading this prompt…prompted me to eat a piece of pizza. Okay, emotions stuffed, by dough, pepperoni, and cheese, I think I am ready for this one. 579 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder


1. Remember the Alamo.
2. Remember Goliad.
3. Remember that the past does not always find its’ way into the future.


Disney’s movie The Alamo- 9 more words


Still, somehow, I believed in you.

A warm beer on a summer day.
An umbrella that never held.
Red lights on long nights.

You were spilt wine.
You were the fifth of July. 28 more words

The Life That We Have

I find myself at times reminiscing about past memories of people and settings that are no longer a part of my daily life.  I especially think of the students that have been in my classes at the schools where I have taught and the friends that I have left behind in Mexico where I lived for three years.   397 more words

Cryptology, then, and, now

Over the years I’ve worked with many cryptology algorithms. In the mid 80’s and early 90’s for example, everyone was always trying to invent there own “unbreakable” encryption. 585 more words