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Memories of Atlantis

Memories of Atlantis have just recently started resurfacing, thanks to a friend who reactivated them.

I struggled to get up in the bath, only to be pulled under very salty water conditions, as I had put a lot of rock salt in my bath water.  216 more words


Psychic Reading December 6th 2014 with Vickie Parker

We only see what is in front of us. And our life is based on what it is we are seeing and hearing from this angle. 103 more words

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The Golden Horn

I watched in horror as our beloved Temple of the Rising Sun came crumbling to the ground in a cloud of fire and smoke. People were screaming and running. 276 more words

Past Life Memories

My Father

My father had been a wise man. The earth had been shaking and moving beneath our sandaled feet for many moons when he suddenly fell ill with a fever we could not heal. 222 more words

Past Life Memories

Cold & Haunted.

Every winter, more or less, it happens again — I feel flashes of what it was like living in that skin, living that life where I died at a Florida mall while living out of my car in the parking lot. 203 more words

A Broken Heart

“Do not leave me, why would you leave me now?”

I disrobed and casually laid my priestess garb aside, putting on the battle armor, and wrapping the ties of my scabbard around my waist. 167 more words

Past Life Memories

Into Oblivion

“I will not go silently into the dark abyss of oblivion. I shall instead summon my sisters, and raise the Power until the very end….” 58 more words

Past Life Memories